The Truth About Boko Haram (1)

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By Abu Ahmad Al Barnawy

Founded by Late Muhd Yusuf in the year 2002. He started preaching in 1996 in Maiduguri like an ordinary Muslim scholar but later introduced some creeds that distinguished him from the rest of the Muslim scholars and that was the beginning of the conflict between him & all the Muslim preachers in Maiduguri.He generated large followership not because of convincing evidences in the QUR'AN & SUNNA but, he actually has a very good human relation and very clever that he doesn't forget people's names easily and above all he criticize the govt more than all other preachers & naturally, what do you expect in a situation whereby the govt does not provide the dividend of democracy to the people.

However the population of Borno state is almost three million (3000, 000.000) and the members of the Boko Haram sect in Borno are not up to twenty thousand (20,000.00). Furthermore, in the year 2009 prior to the war he lost about 60% of his followers due to some disagreements concerning the legality of fighting the govt. bcoz some considerd it as leading the muslim UMMAH to FITNAH (sorrow).

Moreover, after the 2009 war, most of them including their leader Yusuf were killed and some fled out of the town.

However, the following are their unique features:

1- That Democracy is KUFR (infidelity) that the SHARI'AH implemented under democratic system of government is null & void and declared all politicians KAAFIR (infidels). In real sense they do not have a politician friend.

2- That the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria is not to be accepted by all Muslims. Insisted that the Holy QUR'AN is the only constitution acceptable for a Muslim, in this way they declared all legislators & legislative workers KAAFIR (infidels). It is so ironical & deceitful the claim that a politician & a legislator is their financier.

3- That western education (BOKO) is HARAM (prohibited) because it teaches evolution, it teaches Marxism, Leninism, and many other aspects of western education that are in conflict with ISLAMIC teachings and declared all students of western education as KAAFIR (infidel). As a result I can recall in 2002 a large number of very useful boys & girls quit schooling.

4- That working under govt. as solder, police, custom, immigration, civil defense is TAAGUT (idolatry), and declared all people in these service as number one enemies and that killing them is JIHAD (exerting effort towards the upliftment of ISLAM).

5- That civil service too is HARAM (prohibited) because the source of the money generated to pay your salary is not purely HALAL it include bank transactions, VAT from breweries etc. as a result I can recall that in the year 2002, many of their followers quit civil service and join farming, sells of tea, date fruit, scent etc.

6- That we have no excuse remaining under KUFR (democratic) system, that w must come out and declare JIHAD, overthrow the govt, and establish an Islamic state.

7- None of them believe in National ID card, Voter's card or driving license. That's why they encounter lots of trouble with highway patrol teams.

Above is briefly what distinguished the BOKO HARAM sect from the rest of the Muslim community.

Great Islamic scholars both within and outside Nigeria explained vividly the invalidity of all their claims with QUR'ANIC verses and HADITH of the prophet but they rebuffed in pride. Our most reputable scholar Sheikh Ja'far Mahmud Adam (RAHIMAHULLAH) of blessed memory lost his life in the process, however many of his students in M/guri who openly criticize the BOKO HARAM sect, were assassinated.

Now the bond of contention is that the security and all other Christians feel as if every Muslim in the north is Boko Haram. please do justice to us...

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The Truth About Boko Haram