Nigeria Fuel Subsidy Removal: If We Miss It This Time We Will Be Slave For Ever

Started by Jobbers, Jan 04, 2012, 01:48 PM


If government continue to pay themselves, "the 16,642 political office holders from local government chairmen to presidency", the salary, estacode, emolument and allowance of 1.3 trillion on ever year's budget for the past 5 years, the economy will not crash.

If government fails to punished, sanction and jail those who fraudulently, in connivance with NNPC, pocket 1.4 trillion unverified amount claimed by government to be spending on subsidy last year, the economy will not collapse.

If Jonathan and Sambo budget 1.57 million and 1.3 million respectively in last year budget and more this year for daily feeding for their household lone, the economy will not crash.

If Nigerian exports 2.4 million to 2.6 million barrel per day selling 84% and squandering the money yearly to achieve nothing and no accountability, the economy will not collapse.

If every productive sector of the economy refuses to remit substantial amount expected to the federation account and budget is not implemented yearly but recurrent expenditures are implemented above estimate, the economy will not collapse.

Hummmm...... it calls for sober reflection...

If 150 million Nigerian is not made to buy the remaining 16% of our daily oil production, that is 440,000 (Four Hundred And Forty Thousand) barrel meant for domestic use at international price, out of 2.4 million barrel in the name of subsidy removal, THE ECONOMY WILL CRASH .

If 140 million Nigerian is not made to suffer, go to sleep hunger, lose their job, close shop, for the gluttony, selfish, waste, negligence, cowardice, ineptitude and indolence of their government, THE ECONOMY WILL CRASH.

As many as will support this deregulation should be recommended for the best fool in the world and he should be listed in the Guinness book of record. Or else he is the most wicked of all human race.

"PRESIDENT GEJ HAS SET UP A COMMITTEE CALLED SUBSIDY REINVESTMENT EMPOWERMENT COMMITTEE UNDER D LEADERSHIP OF FORMER AMBASSADOR N CHAIRMAN OF CADBURY NIG.LTD DR.CHRISTOPHER KOLADE." well did he mange 28 billion dollars left behind by yaradua not to talk of 1.4 trillion = 8.7 billion dollars expected subsidy money that will evaporate by inflation or looting.

What value and the effect will a 1.4 trillion naira have in a corruption riding society and a fraudulent contract awarding system , what is the effect and value a 1.4 trillion will have in the face of a hipper inflation that is about to hit the nation. Nigerian Naira is about to become toilet roll soon. Mark my word

I am bold to tell you that the paper economist we have, have failed us or they have an hidden agenda.


Just got this statistic from my contact(a comparative analysis of fuel price and minimum wage in other countries):

Fuel Price Per Ltr. Min Wage.
1. Venezuela: N3.61 *** N95,639
2. Kuwait: N34.54 *** N161,461
3. S/Arabia: N25.12 *** N99,237
4. Iran: N102.05 *** N86,585
6. Qatar: N34.54 *** N101,250
7. UAE: N78.18 -
8. Algeria: N63.55 *** N55,957
9. Libya: N26.69 *** N23,813
10. Iraq: N59.66 *** N25,813
11. NIGERIA: N140-200 *** N18,000?

USA: N157.00 *** N197,296
UK: N334.41 *** N295,644
Oman: N48.67 *** N91,583

(all figures are in NGN Naira)

Now, Goodluck Haram, if u want Nigerians 2 buy fuel in accordance with d int'l mkt price, then, pay us in accordance with d int'l Minimum Wage!

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