Redeemer Yewa-Awori Governor - A clarion call to my people….

Started by MyInfoStride, Feb 22, 2012, 09:48 PM


Could this be a mission achievable in the next political dispensation in Ogun State? A concerned fellow of the politically-deprived region in the state has made a clarion call to his people both at home and abroad.

Read his article below:

Events of the recent past vis-a-viz governance in Ogun State and the deliberate attempts (or otherwise) of principal actors in politics and government  to leave the YewaAwori land in a perpetual state of underdevelopment should be a cause for concern for all well meaning sons and daughters of the land – both home and abroad.

If anything, these attempts at leaving us in a state of permanent servitude must serve as a challenge to all those who are progressive minded - that whatever it takes; we must individually and collectively resolve to contribute our quota to ensuring that our people get what they rightly deserve. While we must leave the politicians to do their politicking, and leave political activists to continue their agitation; the rest of us must not be indifferent in our attitude.  We must demonstrate to the whole world that although, we may have our political differences but we are resolute and united in developing our area no matter the quantum of oppressive forces we have to contend with.

A look into government infrastructure, utilities and services within YewaAwori land will reveal a shocking situation akin only to a plot of a deliberate attempt at the annihilation of the YewaAwori people by a faceless group - who incidentally enjoy the total support of some YewaAwori persons. A support underlined by greed, by selfishness and by myopism. Posterity shall judge that is certain, but "ti iya ba ma je lemomu, ko ni s' oju omo ile kewu". Let it be told that this cabal is not confined to just one political party, but span across all political clusters and associations.

This piece is not intended to moan over the despicable state of affairs in Ogun west senatorial district, but rather to serve as a platform for a wake-up call to all progressive-minded YewaAwori sons and daughters. The time is now, for all of us to see what can be done – outside of politics – to develop our area. It is a fact that there are YewaAwori sons and daughters who are rightly placed to impact positively on the lives of our people in the areas of health, Education, rural housing development, water, poverty alleviation and security.

We have reached a point when we need to reflect and ask ourselves what we can do individually to complement - the little there is - of government efforts on those areas highlighted above. No effort is too little neither is any too much for our area, for our people. It is high time we reach out towards developing our area. A cursory tour of Ijebu and Remo lands will show a clear difference and the lopsidedness in government developmental efforts. We cannot perpetually wait for a "Redeemer YewaAwori Governor" who may not even materialise in our generation.  It is only logical that if we continue in our present hard-line political posture, our uncompromising unrelenting type of political ideology, we will only shout ourselves hoarse that "Yewa lokan" while we will continue - inadvertently so – to support other regions to continue to produce not only the governor, but also other key political office holders and appointees.

This clarion call is for all, but also, particularly for those in the diaspora, we need to remember that "ile labo sinmi oko". We should not wait to start impacting on the lives of our people only at the time of seeking to get elected into a political office or at a time of looking towards retiring home into politics. Our love for our kinsmen should be clearly demonstrated in all honesty with emphasis on giving to improve their situations rather than giving to seek for position. The former is hypocritical while the latter is more honourable and richly rewarding. Remember, "igba iponju la nmo're".

With gestures such as donating two or more textbooks per year into the library of our alma-mater, to other various acts of supports  such as buying a delivery table, ceiling fan, bed and beddings for the local maternity centres in our village, or endowing as little as ten thousand naira scholarship fund per year for the indigent students. May I challenge all YewaAwori sons and daughters in the diaspora to endeavour to pay visits to either the schools or local hospital in their village anytime they go home on vacation. Such visits (which should not be turned into a carnival for personal glorification) can be accompanied by donation either in cash or in kind.

Our hospitals and schools need renovation, our roads need rehabilitation. Our kinsmen also need empowerment and encouragement. Our local development clubs and associations also need to be proactive. We need to be involved no matter how little or how marginal our actions are. After all, it is often said that "Heavens help those who help themselves".

To those that are already reaching out, kudos to you and in the language of my brothers, I say "more blessing!"

Written by: Tunji Leye