Fraud Prevention Guide – Be Aware Beat Fraud

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Fraudsters have made it their daily duties to ruin people's self respect and lives by deceiving them via their illicit activities. The InfoStride will be sharing with you guide based on the following areas that will enable you to safeguard against fraud arising in the financial services that you use:

1.   Protect Your Identity
2.   Stay Secure Online
3.   Guard Your Cards
4.   Know Your Money
5.   Spot Fraudsters

You can be more cautious and vigilant with the better understanding of the different types of fraud and by following the simple, yet practical advice that will be provided.

Follow us as we continue this lesson for your benefit.

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1. Protect Your Identity

In protecting your identity, there are two key stuffs to know about. There key stuffs are the following:
•   Identity Fraud
•   Bank and Credit Card Statements

Identity Fraud - To recognize signs of identity fraud, the following entails mode of operating this kind of fraud:
•   A letter from a solicitors or debt collectors from debts that are not your, or that you know nothing about.
•   You are billed for a contract in your name without your knowledge.
•   You received bills or invoices for goods or services you have not ordered.
•   You are refused a financial service (e.g a credit card or a loan) despite having a good credit history.
•   You received a letter that inform you that you have won a lotto you did not apply for.

Attention! Identity Fraud Prevention method in brief:
•   Always lock all your valuable documents in a secure place
•   Always shred unwanted documents such as old utility bills, credit card receipts etc.
•   Always monitor and secure your computer or laptops with your confidential data (password and encryption is very vital here)
•   Always inform all service providers promptly when relocating.
•   Set up a mail forward arrangement with your postal agency.
•   Never give your PIN or password to anyone.
•   Always check bank and credit card statements
•   Always clear browser cookies when working on public computer.
•   Always watch your data your placed on social network websites

Bank and Credit Card Statements – Access to your account statements may create room for fraudulent activities. Therefore, you must always ensure the following in your bank and credit card statement:
•   Always check your bank and credit card statements and bank transactions for evidence of fraudulent activity.
•   Instantly report any suspicious or fraudulent activity or transactions in your account to your bank.
•   Do not throw away old statements and/or receipts with your household rubbish. Dispose of it carefully by shredding or burning them.


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Where are we on this? Please, continue because I am enjoying it!

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