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This is a new section that relay vital information about countries of the world. There exist seven category underneath structured according to the continents that we have.

While knowing about other countries, do share information about your country under appropriate category.

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Choose the appropriate continent and tell us more about your country. We would be glad to know more about your home country and any other country you know about.

Use the links below to navigate to your continent:

•   Africa: Factfile about countries in Africa.
•   Antarctica: Factfile about countries in Antarctica.
•   Asia: Factfile about countries in Asia.
•   Australia: Factfile about Austrialia & neighbouring countries.
•   Europe: Factfile about countries in Europe.
•   North America: Factfile about countries in North America.
•   South America: Factfile about countries in South America.

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Anne Lhnn:
Today, I am It is with feelings excitement brought to the written submissions of the experience.

 :D :Di willl deffinately share

Davzy folamz:
I'm in Nigeria.Lagos to be precise.My governor is Babatunde Raji Fashola.We have schools like Lagos state university, University of Lagos....e.t.c..


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