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I am going to work you through the process of auto-posting with RSS feed to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc using free services with ability to schedule your posts. I have been using the application for a while now. It is good to share my review as a tutorial with you guys...

You can automatically feed your blog or forum posts to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google Buzz and more.

1. Register and login to : feed your blog to twitter and facebook

2. Click on "Add Route" to include your RSS feed URL

3. Under "Sources", click "+add"

4. Under "Source Editor", choose "New"

5. Create new feed by providing the information screened-shot below: Follow the images as sample as guides.

- Feed Details: Type or copy-paste your Feed URL usually in ".xml" format. Select "Feed Active" and move to the next tab.

- Feed Updates: The picture below just indicate an example. You can make the setting the way you like. At least 1 post in 15 miniutes interval is OK.

- Item Text: This tab is not that important but you may wish to use it.

- Filters: This is required if you have multi-language feed source. Then, you filter the post to only contain what you want. No required in most cases.

- Scheduling: This tab is not that important but you may wish to use it.

- Location: This tab is not that important but you may wish to use it.

- Advanced: Choose "Prefer Summary Content"

6. Click on "save source"

7. Under "Destination" click "+add"

8. Under "Destination Editor", choose "New" for the social network and wait.

- Create new destination (Facebook as a case here). In "Account" tab, Select "Active" button and click on "Connect to Facebook"

- A window pop-up, then select your post destination. Either your Facebook Wall or Fan pages.

- Click "continue" and "close Window"

- In "Post Content" tab; select "shared link" and "Auto-Detected by Facebook". Leave the rest.

- In "Advanced" tab; select "Everyone" under Post Privacy and Check "Post Full URL"

- Click on "save" and "save"

Congratulations! You have successfully configured to handle your autoposting tasks to your social network. The steps can be followed for other social networks covered by the application.

If you need further help, please post below.

You may also find this tutorial interesting: How to Autopost RSS Feed Updates to Social Networks via Hootsuite.

RSS feed URLS: Free RSS Feed Subscriptions - Free Website Contents | The InfoStride


You may wish to update your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, GoogleBuzz etc with different choices of posts. We have structured our website contents into categories with separate feeds that you can use as shown below:

•   MAIN FEED:;type=rss

•   JOBS, CAREERS and VACANCIES:;c=6;action=.xml


•   NEWS and EVENTS:;c=3;action=.xml

•   TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION:;c=1;action=.xml

•   GENERAL DISCUSSIONS:;c=4;action=.xml

RSS feeds for boards in each category will be posted later.

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I hve been seeing others update feeds via same site...and i woner how they do i can try it out..Thanks for this.

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