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Title: 2014 Imperial’s Junior Research Fellowship Scheme for International Applicants in UK
Post by: scholarman on Aug 24, 2013, 03:31 PM
Imperial College London offers a junior research fellowship scheme for international students in the UK. Applicants must have a 1St or 2.1 undergraduate degree, if obtained in the UK. Imperial's fully funded JRF scheme provides a chance to join our international community of bright early career researchers. Applicants that have received undergraduate degrees from overseas institutions are required to determine if their scores/grades are of sufficient standing for postgraduate entry. Fellowships must be based at Imperial College London at any of its campuses. Fellowships are offered for three-years. The application deadline is 16th September 2013.

Study Subject(s): Fellowships are provided to learn any of the courses offered by the Imperial College London.

Course Level: Fellowships are available for pursuing research degree level at Imperial College London.

Scholarship Provider: Imperial College London

Scholarship can be taken at: UK

Eligibility: -There are no restrictions on nationality; however you will be required to provide evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK before commencing any fellowship offered.

-Applicants must have a 1St or 2.1 undergraduate degree, if obtained in the UK. Applicants that have received undergraduate degrees from overseas institutions are required to determine if their scores/grades are of sufficient standing for postgraduate entry to Imperial via the link before applying:

-Applicants should have a PhD and will normally have no more than four years postdoctoral research experience in an academic environment (calculated from the PhD viva to the application deadline) – exceptions to this can include discipline hopping, where there must still be less than four years postdoctoral research experience in the discipline of the proposed fellowship; career breaks and career changes, where time spent out of the academic research environment will not be counted in the four years.

-In exceptional cases, applicants applying to the Faculty of Engineering and Imperial College Business School are permitted to apply before the submission of the PhD but any offer of funding will be dependent on the PhD being awarded before the start of the fellowship.

-For applications to the Faculties of Natural Sciences and Medicine, a PhD must have been submitted before an application is made and the PhD must be awarded before the start of the fellowship.

Scholarship Open for International Students: International Students can apply for these Fellowships.

Scholarship Description: Imperial College London's scheme to attract the brightest and best early career researchers is entering its fifth year. In 2009, the College launched itsJunior Research Fellowship (JRF) scheme to help outstanding early career scientists establish their scientific independence and make the leap from post-doc to permanent lecturer. Five years and more than 70 fellows later, the scheme is open once again for people wanting to apply for fellowships in 2014.Fellowships are intended for early career postdoctoral researchers of demonstrated ability and high potential. Applications are invited from candidates from Imperial College London, the UK and worldwide in all subject areas that have a strong research base at Imperial College London within the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences and the Business School. Fellowships must be based at Imperial College London at any of its campuses. To allow fellows to focus on establishing their research, there are no obligatory teaching or administrative duties associated with these fellowships. However, if desired, such duties can be negotiated with the host department. Fellows are encouraged to apply for additional sources of funding to allow them to build further their research programme. Fellows are also provided with career development and cohort activities. Where appropriate, necessary licences and regulatory approval should be obtained prior to the start of the fellowship. Fellows may spend up to 12 months in total visiting other research institutions and/ or in industry including overseas; the maximum time spent at any one institution being 6 months. Where this is requested, evidence must be provided to reflect the partner's willingness to host the fellow. Salary is provided for three years (fixed term) within the Imperial College Academic and Research Level B pay scales of 27 to 34 (£32,100 – £38,600 per annum for 2012). Incremental progression through the salary scale will be determined in accordance with procedures governing the Research Staff group. A contribution toward research and travel costs of £30,000 for the 3 year duration may be requested, increasing to £45,000 if fully justified by the nature of the research. Awards are fixed term for three years only.

Number of award(s): Not Known.

Duration of award(s): Fellowships are offered for three-years.

What does it cover? As a Junior Research Fellow (JRF), you will receive a three-year Fellowship, which includes:

-a competitive salary of up to £38,600 per year,

-research and travel expenses of up to £45,000 over three years,

-personal mentoring support from a senior Imperial academic,

-focussed careers support, training courses, and development opportunities from the College's Postdoc Development Centre,

-the chance to take full responsibility for setting and directing your own research agenda.

Selection criteria: Not Known

Notification: Shortlisting : October/November 2013, Interviews : November/December 2013 and Results of Selection Committee : January 2014.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is electronically. Application Procedure:

-Applicants should submit a completed application form by Midnight (GMT) 16th September 2013.

-The application form has six sections. Applicants need to complete sections 1-4, which covers personal details, funding request, research proposal and CV.

-The agreed Imperial College sponsor needs to complete section 5.

-If appropriate, the Francis Crick Insitute co-sponsor should complete section 6.

-Please provide answers in English within the text boxes, keep within the dedicated margins, and do not exceed the word limit and page restrictions as indicated on the form.

-Please refer to monetary values in £ pounds sterling.

-Please complete the form using Arial 11pt.

-Applications without the required signatures will not be accepted.

-Once sections 1-6 have been filled, the application should be reviewed and signed by the relevant Imperial College Head of Department as confirmation that the department is willing to host the fellow.

-Each application must be accompanied by a confidential letter of support / reference, usually from the applicant's current institution. Where the current institution is Imperial, the letter of support must be provided by someone other than the proposed sponsor or host Head of Department.

- Once the application form is complete, applicants must: Send one electronic copy of the application form in PDF format

Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline is 16th September 2013.

Note: As part of the application process, it is your responsibility to find a sponsor. Applications that are not fully supported by an identified Sponsor will not be considered. For the first time this year, applicants can identify two sponsors – one from Imperial and the other from the London Research Institute or the National Institute for Medical Research.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application (