10 PhD Positions in Discrete Mathematics at Karl Franzens Universität, Austria

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Karl Franzens Universität (KFU) Graz Montanuniversität (MU) Leoben
Region of Styria, Austria (Europe)

This newly founded Doctoral College offers an advanced PhD training and research program. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the three supporting universities.

The range of topics in Discrete Mathematics comprises

    * Commutative Algebra
    * Number Theory
    * Discrete Dynamics and Fractals
    * Graph Theory
    * Combinatorial Group Theory
    * Discrete Stochastics
    * Combinatorial Optimisation and Algorithmic Geometry
    * Analysis of Algorithms, Cryptography

They offer 10 PhD positions for up to 4 years and a salary of approximately 25600 Euro per year, starting at the earliest with October 1, 2010. These positions are assigned to 10 specific research projects within the above areas. There will also be some additional positions within the DK with different funding and co-funding from the FWF.

The official language of the DK is English. The future college students must exhibit a strong track record of mathematical studies that is equivalent to a master degree which must be valid by the beginning of the contract. Graduates from excellent bachelor programs can be also admitted, subject ot additional curricular requirements. All candidates are encouraged to present confidential reference letters by internationally recognized researchers and should indicate in their application the projects of their principal interest. Applications must be sent by mail or preferably email until April 19, 2010 to

The coordinator
DK-plus Discrete Mathematics
Institut für Mathematische Strukturtheorie
Technische Universität Graz
Steyrergasse 30, 8010 Graz, Austria

email: discrete@TUGraz.at

After a screening, a selection of candidates will be invited for a hearing in late May/early June, 2010. With a view toward increasing the number of female mathematicians, female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

Later applications may be considered at a later stage.

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