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Title: Instructions: Creating new article with Images in Wordpress
Post by: Admin on Dec 19, 2013, 02:01 AM
This is just a simple instructions on how to create a new article or post in a Wordpress powered website with consideration for mobile devices:

1.   Login into the Wordpress powered website
2.   Select "Submit Article" from the Menu / Drop down menu (Mobile Devices)
3.   Click on Dashboard if not redirect to it
4.   On the top bar, click on "New" or Plus Sign
5.   Click on "Post"
6.   Enter title in the provided field
7.   To add an image, click on "Add Media"; then your can upload the image (via Upload Files) or Insert from URL (Please ensure that the image is save with a related name so that it can be searched and re-use in the future).
8.   Once uploaded, align the image to the left and then click on "Insert into post"
9.   Once Inserted, enter the post content properly formatted and spaced
10.   Do not click on "Publish" yet
11.   Scroll down and select appropriate category from the list
12.   Enter relevant keywords extracted from post content as "Tags"
13.   Click on "Set Featured Image", then use the last image you uploaded from the "Media Library" (Please note that image inserted via URL can not be used as featured image. In this case, you will need to upload the image)
14.   Scroll up and click on "Publish"

Please note: there are several options that you do not need to touch on the post page. Only the areas mentioned above should be dealt with in most cases.
Title: Re: Instructions: Creating new article with Images in Wordpress
Post by: nReporter on Sep 11, 2014, 09:40 AM
In addition to Step 13 above, you can "Set Featured Image" via Image URL/Link if you have the appropriate plugin installed.