How to recover deleted android sms and contacts?

Started by eveeve, Mar 03, 2015, 07:16 AM


There are many android phone users, and losing important phone numbers or text messages from it happens unexpectedly. But if you need to recover them, you can use an android recovery app to help.

Just google it, you'll find many answers, try Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android. It's very easy to use, you just need a few simple steps to recover your android phone contacts and sms to pc.

And you need to root your android phone at first, or the app can't detect your phone successfully. And stop saving new data to your phone, or the deleted data will be covered.

Step1: Connect android phone to pc and start the problem
At first, connect your phone to computer via USB cable, then start the app on your computer. Make sure your phone has been linked to computer correctly, or this data recovery problem couldn't detect it successfully.

Step2: Enable USB Debugging
You need to enable USB debugging on your device, then the data on your android phone will be synced to computer. And the problem will scan your device directly.And you just need to enable USB debugging for once.

Step3: Preview and Recover Messages
After the scan, you can preview all of your messages and contacts on an interface. And this problem could help you distinguish deleted messages with exsiting messages. Then you just need to select and check those you need to recover, and click "Recover" to save lost messages on your computer.

That's all!


I used one best android apps to restore data from android phone .This is Android SMS +Contacts Recovery software.With it,recover data gets so easy!


Messages play a very important role in people's daily life who uses Android phones. It can help people easily communicate with each other, deliver vital information, store long and large amount of messages for a long time. But if due to certain reasons as virus attack, hardware or software failure etc the saved important messages can get lost/deleted, which could be a very disastrous situation for an Android user. There's quite a degree of luck that you can retrieve deleted text messages from Android with the help of some Android sms recovery tool.

Here I would like to recommend you the Android Data Recovery, which is designed for recoverring all the deleted as well as lost and formatted messages as well as contacts, photos, videos from Android Devices.

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I have searched on the Internet for way to recover lost SMS and restore contacts from phone in before , have most article tell me that i have a lots of method to recover them ,but i doubt it , because i known that any recover tools can damage the phone data or device ,the most terrible that it can causing the other data losing , but when i tried some free trail , only to find that this software is not bad , i have get back my lost SMS and contacts from phone with the help of it .