Tips to Promote The InfoStride on Facebook

Started by Admin, Apr 14, 2010, 06:37 AM


Explore and invite your friends to The InfoStride on Facebook.

1- Go to the following page links:
•   FAN PAGE: The InfoStride Fan Page on Facebook
•   FRIEND PAGE: The InfoStride Home Page on Facebook
•   APPLICATION: The InfoStride Application Page on Facebook
•   GROUP: The InfoStride Group on Facebook

2- Click on "Join" or "Like" if you are not a member.
3- Explore & Click on "Invite People to Join" or "Suggest to Friends" from the menu on the left.
4- Click on your friends' pictures one after the other to select. {Maximum of 50 friends at a time}
5- Click on "Send Invitation".

Alternatively, you can send the following links to your contacts to "Join" or "Like":
•   GROUP:

OR search for "The InfoStride" and Join or Like...

It's that easy!

You are equally invited Join today and refer your friends!

Why should you register with The InfoStride?

* You will become part of a community of dedicated and well-informed people.
* Latest Job Vacancies and Employment Resources.
* Internship, Scholarship, Grant, and Financial Aids Opportunities.
* Study Abroad Opportunities and Career Advice.
* Share your skills and experience with others.
* Market yourself, your products and services to the world.
* Ask questions and get answers from members all over the world.
* Experience a new way of information sharing and retrieval.
* Access to members only content & lots more.
* Share and Retrieve!

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I am already a member and promise to contribute my quotas to this information community.... You've a done good job. Keep it up!


Fantastic! Note that when you promote The InfoStride, you also promote your products and services... Lets partner today!

Omolewa akinyemi benson

I will do that a.s.a.p...But pls reduce it back to 1 mins.That will entice people to do more.


I will promote it anywhere till i am limited but i want to earn my money first to know if it the whole package is true