How to Embed YouTube Video on Simple Machines (SMF) Powered Forums

Started by Admin, Jan 04, 2012, 03:36 PM


This is a simple procedure to embed YouTube Videos on SMF powered forums. This procedure is also applicable to posting YouTube videos on

How to Get YouTube Embed Link:

1.   Visit the video page
2.   Click on "Share" below the video player
3.   Click on "Embed"
4.   Copy the iframe code to a Notepad or Word, then extract the source embed link.
5.   Source embed link look like this (
6.   Replace "embed" with "v".
7.   The new link look like this (
8.   Then, enclose the link with flash tag [flash]http://embedlink[flash]
9.   The new code looks like this *** [flash =600,340][/flash] ***

Alternatively for step 9, on the post page, there is a flash symbol (if enabled), click on it, paste the edited embed link in between, then adjust the dimension (width and height). If you need further guidance, please post it below.

Omolewa akinyemi benson


I will not lie to you.i only watch music and movie on youtube.i don't know how to do anything on it