How to register on

Started by jobber, Aug 28, 2012, 10:52 PM


These are the steps about registration on The InfoStride website. The following are different ways to register here:

1. Visit the direct registration link: OR and follow up the registration process.

2. From the top menu, there is a link named "Register", user can click on it and follow up the registration process.

3. From the header part of the website, there is a link to login or register or social login which will guide you through the registration process.

I hope all these help!


Thanks! Here are the simple steps required to use Social Login to login or register:

1. Click on the social icon such as Facebook, Twitter, etc...
2. You will be redirected to login to your social network to authorize the connection
3. Login accordingly
4. After successful login, you will be redirected to The InfoStride
5. To Complete Registration - Enter Email Address
6. Click on Complete Registration
7. You will be successfully logged in. You can always login with the social network used for registration.


How to set password after registration with social networks:

1. After successful registeration with Facebook, Twitter etc
2. Ensure that you are logged in
3. Visit your Profile through lower menu i.e click on "Profile"
4. Move your mouse over "Modify Profile" and click on "Account Settings"
5. Choose a password and verify the password
6. Enter a secret question and answer
7. Then, click on "Change profile"
8. That's it!

NB: The steps above is only required if you will like to login directly in the future. If you prefer to continuously login with your social network, you do not need to bother yourself.


I understand this.i see how easy it is.