Kongsberg Maritime Specialist Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Scholarships, UK

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The Kongsberg Maritime Specialist Undergraduate Scholarship in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

Kongsberg is an international, knowledge-based corporation that supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers engaged in the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine, and the defence and aerospace industries.
Kongsberg is offering one Kongsberg Maritime Specialist Scholarship in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

All students commencing third year of any of the degree programmes listed below in September 2010 are eligible to apply for the Kongsberg Maritime Specialist Scholarship in Electrical & Electronic Engineering:

Degree of Master of Engineering in:
•   Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Control (H645)
•   Electrical and Electronic Engineering (H605)
•   Electronic and Computer Engineering (H6HP)
•   Electronic Engineering with Oceanic Instrumentation (H6J6)
•   Electronic Engineering with Communications (H625)
•   Electronics with Photonic Engineering (H6F3)
•   Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with Energy Studies (H3H2)

Degree of Bachelor of Engineering in:
•   Electrical and Electronic with Control (H660)
•   Electrical and Electronic with Management (H603)
•   Electrical and Electronic (H620)
•   Electronics with Communications (H640)
•   Electronics with Computer and Software Engineering (H650)
•   Electronics with Oceanic Instrumentation (H6JP)
•   Electronics with Photonics (H6FH)

One scholarship is available.
Please note that any number of scholarships can be applied for; however priority will be given to students not already in receipt of a scholarship. Students are not able to hold more than one corporate scholarship at any one time.

The scholarship is valued at £1,500 per annum and will be awarded to the successful applicant for the rest of their undergraduate degree programme.
If the successful applicant is studying one of the above listed MEng degree programmes, they will receive £1,500 per annum for each of years 3, 4 and 5 (i.e. £4,500 over 3 years).
If the successful applicant is studying one of the above listed BEng degree programmes, they will receive £1,500 per annum for each of years 3 and 4 (i.e. £3,000 over 2 years).
You should note that the scholarship is open to all students commencing the third year of any of the eligible degree programmes listed above in September 2010, regardless of nationality, where they are domiciled, or fee structure to which they belong to.

The scholarship will be subject to the scholarship recipient successfully completing each year of their degree programme to the satisfaction of the School of Engineering. Should the scholarship recipient take a year out, for example, to do a work placement or to pursue other interests, then the scholarship payments will be stopped  and will not be renewed.

Where the student is required to repeat a year because they failed to reach the academic requirements, payment will not be paid for the repeat year and the scholarship award will not be renewed. The scholarship can only be held by students of the University - they cannot be transferred to another institution.

The College of Physical Sciences Scholarship Committee will consider the applications and shortlist the candidates. The successful recipient shall be selected by the Head of School of Engineering and the Chair of Electric & Electronic Engineering. In making the decision, the selection panel will take into account your educational background and achievements, other relevant information given in your CV and covering letter, and the statement from your referee.

The University will award the scholarship to applicants who have good academic potential, and who are likely to be successful in their chosen degree course.The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and a passion for their subject.

How to Apply
Please submit a CV and covering letter, along with your reference, and send it to Philippa Dunford at the address below. You will receive correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application.

You will need to provide a supporting academic Reference.It should preferably be completed by an academic member of staff at the University of Aberdeen who is familiar with your academic achievements. This may be your Advisor of Studies, course coordinator, course lecturer, course tutor, etc. Alternatively, someone who is familiar with your recent studies and academic achievements - or with your intellectual capabilities - at school or college (normally but not necessarily the Head Teacher or Principal) - would be a satisfactory referee.

The form for your Reference should be given to the person you have nominated. The person writing the Reference should give it back to you, either open or in a sealed envelope. It is then your responsibility to ensure that the reference is enclosed with your application.

The Reference provided will form part of the scholarship selection process. It is helpful if the Referee explicitly deals with the Scholarship Selection criteria and refers to information detailed by the applicant in their CV and covering letter. NB: applications where the candidate has written the supporting reference will not be considered by the selection panel.

The closing date for applications is Friday 29 October 2010.

Please send your CV and covering letter, together with your reference to:
Philippa Dunford,
University of Aberdeen Development Trust,
University Office,
King's College,
Aberdeen, AB24 3FX

Please note that applications cannot be considered if the reference is not submitted.
If you have any queries not answered by the guidelines above please contact  Philippa Dunford, University of Aberdeen Development Trust, in the first instance (email: p.dunford@abdn.ac.uk, tel: 01224 274139), or Dr Euan Bain, School of Engineering (email: euan.bain@abdn.ac.uk)

Notification of Awards
You will be told whether or not your application has been successful by post at the correspondence address on your application form by 19 November 2010.

For more information: University of Aberdeen :: College of Physical Sciences :: Aker Subsea Specialist Scholarship