Otunba Isaac Emiyede at 60

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Otunba Isaac Emiyede is one of the highly respected Isoko Lagos- based politicians in Nigeria. He was born in 1953 to a modest family of integrity. As a young man growing up then, he had a tall dream of becoming the first sought after engineers in Nigeria that prompted him to study further in both Nigeria and Abroad.
As a great man of destiny, Otunba Isaac Emiyede is from Otor- Iyede in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State. He is not a new person in the Nigerian political landscape. The first time I came in contact with him when he organized a well-attended South- South United Forum (SSUF) at Lagos State Television centre as the chairman where all the crème da la crème of Lagos State politicians, industrialists, business tycoons and South-South leaders included freedom fighters like Alhaji Asari Dokunbo attended as a guest speaker. In that forum few years ago when I was still freelancing with Isoko mirror newspaper as a columnist, I discovered that Otunba Isaac Emiyede has great vision for South- South people in Lagos State. I was totally convinced that Isoko was a nation to identify with in respective of the minority mentality that beclouded us over the years. It was then I discovered that Otunba Isaac Emiyede was a great mentor of mentors to identify with in the Isoko extraction. Otunba Isaac Emiyede is such a humble man with intellectual prowess to the core.
With his sound educational background and credentials, he has able to create positive impacts in the capital and human development in Nigeria. In 2012, precisely Engr. Isaac Emiyede was installed as Otunba in Ibeju- Lekki in Lagos State in line with his 59th birthday bash that drew the big fishes of Lagos State politicians, traditional leaders and South-South leaders in the country to honour is well organized installation as Otunba of the land. He never bought the title of Otunbaship but was recognized by eminent traditional leaders who felt Isaac Emiyede has duly paid both his traditional and political price in Lagos State. It is hard to differentiate Otunba Emiyede from a Yoruba man to Isoko extraction. He grew up in the South- West region from a traditional family background that distinctively makes him different from his peer group. Otunba Isaac Emiyede marking his 60th birthday bash was a great thing of joy of crossing over six decades of life. As a man who has traveled far and wide in search of greener pasture, he was able to impact his immediate constituency with his little resources and family. At 60, Otunba Emiyede is still energetic, dedicated and ready to offer any political advice that will make Delta State and Nigeria grow from its present stage to the God's promised land.Otunba Isaac Emiyede is a useful political material for Delta politicians that want to win any elective positions and nothing else. He is not outdated political Isoko leader with any vision but a man that wants genuine people to win elective positions in Nigeria.
Sometimes ago, a young man called me from Bayelsa State but from Isoko region where he saw my yearly Mindset Achievers Calendar where Otunba Isaac Emiyede was among the 2013 leaders of distinction and integrity in Nigeria. He said to me on my cell phone that Otunba Isaac Emiyede assisted him when he had nothing  in life.Otunba indirectly has created memorable legacy in the sands of time. I did not hesitate to send his cell phone number to him. Otunba Isaac Emiyede was never carried away by the wealth of the world. He planted good seed for his humble family and unborn generation to come. I have critically studied the lifestyle of Otunba Isaac Emiyede that he has a divine spirit of humanity and humility. He is a great philanthropist of the 21st century, Bible scholar and award recipients from different media organizations and others. In 2012, when he celebrated his 59th birthday, the movers and shakers of Lagos politicians were all in attendance included her first beautiful daughter from Abroad. Otunba Isaac Emiyede still remains the authentic Chairman of the South- South United Forum (SSUF) and duly recognized in all the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) of South West region. He is not a troublemaker but a troubleshooter politician with intellectual mandate to see that South- South people are recognized in Lagos State. He is not novel in Isoko politics. He travels to Isoko on regular basis to know the present situation of things in the region. He does not belong to any political group in Delta State but not absence from his home town and he is the present Ikorodu chairman of Otor- Iyede community in Lagos. He is active in community development and others. Otunba Isaac Emiyede is a national leader with distinction. He is not a sentimental person but a man that wants accountability and transparency to the core. Some dubious people within his forum may not like his person because of his holistic approach to issues that are critical to political life of South-South people. He handles you the way you present your case. His 60th birthday bash drew crowd of important personalities in Nigeria. He is a man from God's heart like the biblical David.
Otunba Isaac Emiyede is one of great personalities that are making Isoko Country Club to shine in all ramifications in terms of massive media publicity. He is not just a nominated co-coordinator but a solution provider to the growth of the club which was created in a Christian background. The likes of Engr. Johnny Onozefe, the President of the club and Engr. Solomon Okpithe, the Vice- President of the club can testify to it. The club is not meant for mediocre but people with integrity. He is not a man that settles for less but the one that likes excellent works. In his Otunba's installation, he had over 100 congratulatory messages from politicians, friends and family. He is a devoted Christian to the extent that he has love for God's work and his ministry is located within his house premises. If you a first- time visitor to his palatial duplex at Ikorodu axis of Lagos State, you would discover that his dogs are the first to welcome you to his house before the great Otunba. You must be friendly with those highly fed dogs to have a divine gate pass as a guest to Otunba or otherwise you will see the resultant effect of the other side of it.
In a nutshell, Otunba Isaac Emiyede has projected South- South United Forum (SSUF) to the apex of Lagos politics. He is one of the Isoko experienced and exposed politicians in Nigeria that is qualified to contest for any elective office in Delta State. He is a leader of leaders, mentor of mentors, writer of writers, political builder of builders, thinker of thinkers, reformer of reformers, networker of networkers, pastor of pastors, sports administrator of administrators, engineer of engineers, father of fathers, role model of models, politician of politicians and others. Otunba Isaac Emiyede is one of the strong Lagos- based politicians that know the nitty-gritty of grassroots politics in Nigeria. If anybody from Delta State wants to contest for Delta State governorship for 2015 or any political position, do not hesitate to visit the Royal palace of Otunba Isaac Emiyede for political advice or otherwise. He is also recognized by South- West leaders like Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu, former governor of Lagos State. Babatunde Fashola, Dr. Kayode Feyemi, Rauf Aresgbesola, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and just mention but a few. He is happily married to God-sent lovely wife and progressive children.
By Godday Odidi,
Public Affairs Analyst,
Tel: 08058124798. @ 20 Oro Street, Ajegunle – Apapa, Lagos.


Congratulations to him on this wonderful day of his celebration.
More blessing

Nifemi Donald

Politicians will always receive this kind of recognition in a country like Nigeria. Good for this Isoko Man

Glory Skales Charity

Many more years is what Nigerians wish him. Plus long life and nothing but prosperity.

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