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Title: How to edit GIFs without resorting to Photoshop
Post by: TechHive on Nov 10, 2013, 11:31 AM
  GIFs are the twitchy, loopy language of the modern ( memorific ( web ( Once you’ve come upon a GIF that expresses the real deep-down you—be it via a Michael Scott moment, a clip from Step Brothers, or a totes adorbes ( kitteh—you’ll want to share it with others!

But sometimes those little pieces of bitmapped magic need just a wee tweaking before they’re ready for primetime in an email or on Tumblr.

There are a number of programs and apps that will allow you to create your own giffy goodness (, but if you just need a quick easy fix for a pre-existing gif, ( is a free one-stop shop. ( (’s easy web suite of editing tools. The site offers a straightforward GIF tool belt, which allows you to crop, resize, optimize, and otherwise “fix” a GIF—all without the need to purchase any software or have any graphics training.

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