Career & Job Opportunities with State Government Services & Agencies in Nigeria

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As promised in my previous post titled "Career Opportunities via Internet (Watch Out!)" that I will be posting several companies' websites which can serve as contact points for prospective job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, interns and contractors to mention but a few, I hereby attached a document containing the list of companies' websites for "Career Opportunities with State Government Services & Agencies in Nigeria".

Do take your time to download the document and explore it keenly. Please your inclusion of new websites and suggestions will be appreciated.

Together we can create freedom through information sharing.

I wish you best as you explore these opportunities.

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Career Opportunities with State Government Services & Agencies in Nigeria. Explore the websites for latest vacancies within the organisations.


1.   Abia State:
2. Abuja, Federal Capital Territory:
3. Adamawa State:
4.   Akwa Ibom State:
5. Anambra State:
6.   Bauchi State:
7. Bayelsa State:
8. Benue State:
9. Borno State:
10.   Cross River State:
11.   Delta State:
12. Ebonyi State: Ebonyi State Government
13.   Edo State:
14.   Ekiti State:
15.   Enugu State:
16. Gombe State:
17.   Imo State:
18.   Jigawa State:
19. Kaduna State:
20.   Kano State:
21. Katsina State:
22.   Kebbi State:
23. Kogi State:
24.   Kwara State:
25.   Lagos State:
26.   Nasarawa State:
27. Niger State:
28.   Ogun State:
29.   Ondo State:
30.   Osun State:
31.   Oyo State:
32.   Plateau State:
33.   River State:
34.   Sokoto State:
35.   Taraba State:
36.   Yobe State:
37.   Zamfara State:


1.   Lagos State Devt. & Properties Corporation:
2.   Lagos State Internal Revenue Services:
3.   Lagos Metropolitan area Transport Authority:
4.   Lagos State Min. of Works & Infrastructure:
5.   Lagos State Waterfront & tourism Devt.:
6.   Lagos Water corporation:
7.   Lagos Waste Management Authority: :
8.   Lagos State Live Events:

This list is inexhaustible. Please post any other websites of in Nigeria not included in the list.

Thank you.

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The official websites of the state government in Nigeria have been updated today. Explore them and post your comments. Thanks.

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