Legitimate Business you can do in Nigeria with a Small Capital


The following are the legitimate business you can do in nigeria with a small capital:
1.   Mini importation business: this is a business you can successful run online with just a minimum capital of #10,000 and make up to #250,000 every month,to learn more visit this link

2.   Gsm short code business: gsm short code sms such 30333,30600 etc is a nigeria bulksms short code provider,there is a secret you will learn how to make money with gsm short code sms.all you need is a business name,to learn more about the business visit this link

3.   Recharge card printing business: this is a business you can start with any amount of capital because the pin to  generate the cards  is sold for a minimum of #1000.this is a business you can invest #25,000 and make #100,000 every lean more visit this link 

4.   Get paid to process emails: learn a very simple way to get paid to process emails,you are paid $15-$25 per each emails you don’t need any capital to do this learn more visit this link

5.   Make money with cpa networks: : The Insider’’s Guide To CPA Marketing Profits..The easiest and fastest Ways Of Making Money From The Internet  Is Through CPA learn more visit this link

6.   Make money as a football fan: Today you too can start making money from football, you don’t have to just watch matches or just be a fan. Start making money while you enjoy your football by betting on football


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