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Title: Guide to Writing a Research Paper for the First Time
Post by: raytrey on May 29, 2018, 05:29 PM
Just when you are getting to like college life, your professor hits you with a research assignment and gives you two weeks to complete it. The thing is that you can also hire a research paper writing service to save you time so that you can focus on other tasks. Well, if it is your first time writing a research task, and you want to do it on your own, this step-by-step guide can assist you with how to write an excellent research paper. Here are the important steps to follow:
•   Choose a Topic You Can Manage
Though your paper is restricted to a particular subject, getting the right topic affects how well it will turn out. Ask yourself the crucial questions "Is there enough material available for the topic?", "Does the topic offer room for a new insight?" or"Does the topic relate to the course?"
•   Gather Information
Once you have a good topic, the next step is to start researching it. Include a combination of sources. It could be online from web pages and pdf sources, books in your college library, field observations or interviews. In doing a research paper, it is important to provide reliable information. Therefore, use at least five sources.
•   Make a List of Bibliography
The bibliography is a list of sources you have drawn the information from,and you must include it in your research paper. Make it when doing your research and ensure it is in the format recommended by your faculty.
•   Create Your Thesis
Almost every college academic paper requires a thesis statement. Place it in the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. A thesis statement dictates the direction for your paper.
•   Make an Outlineof Your Paper
An outline is a sketch of the main sections of your paper. It should include the key points you plan to discuss in each section. It will help guide you through the drafting of the paper and arranging your main ideas.
•   Start Writing Body Paragraphs
Always begin your paper with the body section. Here is where you support your thesis statement with points and evidence. Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, the main idea/fact, and evidence to support it. The body of your paper is the crux of your entire paper. So if you are having trouble constructing it, you can search write my research paper online to get custom help.
•   Draft the Conclusion
The conclusion should come after drafting of the body as it is a summary of your research findings. Begin your conclusion by restating your thesis and follow by reviewing the key points you have covered in the body. End by stating the effects of your research findings in a broader sense.
•   Finish with writing the Introduction
Introduce the reader to the broader view of your focus area. However, do not repeat what you have said in your conclusion. End your conclusion by stating your thesis statement.
•   Edit and Proofread Your Paper
This stage is important in identifying errors and correcting them. If you don't have the proper tools to proofread your paper, a
write my research paper ( service can format and edit your work.
These 9 tips will help you to write an excellent essay even if you are doing it for the first time.