Career and Job Opportunities with Federal Government Agencies & Parastatals

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As promised in my previous post titled "Career Opportunities via Internet (Watch Out!)" that I will be posting several companies' websites which can serve as contact points for prospective job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, interns and contractors to mention but a few, I hereby attached a document containing the list of companies' websites for "Career Opportunities with Federal Government Agencies & Parastatals, Professional Bodies & Organisations".

Do take your time to download the document and explore it keenly. Please your inclusion of new websites and suggestions will be appreciated.

Together we can create freedom through information sharing.

I wish you best as you explore these opportunities.

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Career Opportunities with Federal Government Agencies & Parastatals, Professional Bodies & Organisations (Part 1). Explore the websites for latest vacancies within the organisations.

1.   Nigerian Government Official Website:
2.   Advertising Practitioners Council of Nig.:
3.   Budget Office, Fed. Min. of Finance:
4.   Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE):
5.   Bureau  of Public Service Reforms: or
6.   Centre for Petroleum information:
7.   Central Bank of Nigeria: :
8.   Certified Institute of Marketing of Nigeria:
9.   Certified Pension Institute of Nig.:
10.   Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nig.:
11.   Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nig.:
12.   Chartered Insurance Institute of Nig.:
13.   Computer Association of Nigeria:
14.   Consumer Protection Commission:
15.   Corporate Affairs Commission:
16.   Debt Management Office: :
17.   Department of Petroleum Resources [DPR]:
18.   Digital Bridge Institute: :
19.   Economic & Financial Crimes Control:
20.   Enquiries & Verification Services Nig. Ltd.:
21.   Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria:
22.   Federal Inland Revenue Services:
23.   Federal Ministry of Commerce:
24.   Federal Ministry of Commerce & Tourism
25.   Federal Ministry of Communications: or
26.   Fed. Min. of Co-operation & Integration in Africa
27.   Fed. Min. of Culture & Tourism:;
29.   Federal Ministry of Education:
30.   Federal Ministry of Environment:
31.   Fed. Ministry of Fed Capital Territory:
32.   Fed. Min. of finance & Economic Development
33.   Federal Ministry of Industry:
34.   Fed. Min. of Police Affairs:
35.   Fed. Min. of Science & Technology:
36.   Fed. Min. of Solid Minerals Development
37.   Federal Ministry of Women Affairs:
38.   Federal Road Safety Commission:
39.   Heart of Africa: :
40.   Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria: or
41.   Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria
42.   Institute of Cost Management Nigeria:
43.   Institute of Directors Nigeria:
44.   Internet Society Nigeria Chapter:
45.   Joint Admission & Matriculation Board:
46.   Joint Maritime Labour Industrial Council:
47.   Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria:
48.   Ministry of Mines & Steel Development:
49.   National Board for Technical Education:
50.   National Blood Transfusion Service:
51.   National Bureau of Statistic:
52.   Nat. Agency 4 Food, Drug Admin. & Control
53.   Nat. Agency 4 Sci. & Engineering Infrastruc.
54.   National Integrated Power Project:
55.   National & State Action Committees on AIDS
56.   National Sports Lottery Ltd.:
57.   National ThinkTank: :
58.   NEPAD Business Group Nigeria:
59.   Niger-Delta Development Commission:
60.   Nigerian Accounting Standard Board:



Career Opportunities with Federal Government Agencies & Parastatals, Professional Bodies & Organisations (Part 2). Explore the websites for latest vacancies within the organisations.

61.   Nigerian Air Force:
62.   Nigerian Airspace Management Authority:
63.   Nigerian Army: or
64.   Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists:
65.   Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd.:
66.   Nigerian Cyber Crime Working Group:
67.   Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority:
68.   Nigerian Chambers of Shipping:
69.   Nigeria Custom Services: 
70.   Nigerian Databank: :
71.   Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation: or
72.   Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
73.   Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission
74.   Nigerian Press Council: :
75.   Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority: or +
76.   Nigeria Export Promotion Council: or
77.   Nig. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
78.   Nigeria Internet Exchange:
79.   Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission:
80.   Nigeria Labour Congress: 
81.   Nig. Monitoring & Evaluation Mgmt. Services
82.   Nig. Sao Tome & Principe Joint Devt. Authority
83.   Nigerian Aviation Handling Co. Plc:
84.   Nigerian Films & Video Censors Board:
85.   Nigerian Institute of Building:
86.   Nigerian Institute of Food Science & Technology
87.   Nigerian Institute of Management:
88.   Nigerian Institute of Tower Planners:
89.   Nigerian Medical Association:
90.   Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.: or
91.   Nigerian Navy: :
92.   Nigerian Police: :
93.   Nigerian Postal Service: :
94.   Nigerian Ports Authority: :
95.   Nigerian Reinsurance Corporation:
96.   Nigerian Securities Printing & Minting Plc.:
97.   Nigerian Stock Exchange: OR
98.   Nigerian Stock Exchange Trade Alert:
99.   Nigerian Tourism Ministry:
100.   NIPEX: : :
101.   NITDA: : :
102.   National Examination Council:
103.   National War College: :
104.   National Youth Service Corps:
105.   Pension Commission: :
106.   Petroleum Trust Development Funds:
107.   Power Holding Co. of Nigeria Plc.:,:,
108.   Professional Golfer Association of Nigeria:
109.   Project Development Institute (PRODA):
110.   Raw Materials Research & Devt. Council
111.   Securities & Exchange Commission: or
112.   SERVICOM:
113.   Small & Medium Entr Devt. Agency of Nig:
114.   Standard Organisation of Nigeria: or
115.   The Institute of Business Development:
116.   The Institute of Public Accountant of Nigeria
117.   The Nigerian Society of Engineers:
118.   Universal Service Provision Fund:
119.   United Nations Devt. Programme:
120.   USAID Nigeria: USAID/Nigeria - Redirect
121.   Voice Of Nigeria:

This list is inexhaustible. Please post any other websites of in Nigeria not included in the list, for people's benefits.

Thank you.