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These are five funny events that occur in a bank premises/hall:

1. When coming into a bank the security door assessment.. the security door always cause Lots of Embarrassment even to the extent that some time you are forced to drop your accessories outside the bank and yet the security door would still refuse to let you into the bank premises this situation is very embarrassing and some time very funny to watch the persons frustration

2. If you are coming to use the ATM machine in the bank… when the machine continually rejects your card, and then later seize the card…. this situation is also a very embarrassing situation especially when you are in need of the money urgently.

3. Not dropping the pink slip of your deposit slip this could really be embarrassing…especially when you are being reminded by the security guard….

4. Disapproval of signature or passport during withdrawal process or account verification. to me this is one the most embarrassing the situation you can ever experience in a bank… its not only embarrassing but frustrating as well.

5. One of the worst is the borrowing of a pen(biro) in a bank hall… to be serious i personally suffered this last week when i went to the to make some deposit i was so embarrassed when i had to ask people around lend me their pen/biro… this was really embarrassing i was so ashamed….

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These points are typically of Nigerian Banks.