PHD Scholarships for Students Pursuing Studies in Environmental Economics

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 PHD Scholarship Applications for Students pursuing studies in Environmental Economics at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

Under this program, PhD Scholarships will be offered to candidates intending to pursue PhD studies in environmental economics. Eligible candidates include all African scholars who have been admitted or will be admitted for PhD studies at the University of Pretoria. There will be two doctoral scholarships each year over the life of the project. The scholarship will be designed to reward especially those with strong academic performances in their bachelors and masters degrees. Selection will be done by the CEEPA Secretariat and will be on a competitive basis and taking into account gender and geographical considerations.

Applications for admission to the University of Pretoria PhD in Environmental Economics can be made online at  Applicants must separately send to CEEPA the following required documents no later than end of December of the year preceding the year of admission to and commencement of the PhD program.

    * expression of interest
    * curriculum vitae
    * transcript of grades from previous degrees (copies)
    * proof that admission to the PhD program has been (or will be) granted at the University of Pretoria
    * reference letters with at least one coming from the University that awarded the highest attained degree
    * Letter detailing proposed research area

This scholarship provides a subsistence allowance of R3000.00 per month plus all other costs associated with the study program such as tuition, registrations, medical cover and travel costs.  The scholarship is granted for a maximum duration of 3 years.

Applicants will be notified before the end of January  of the intended year of study whether or not their application was successful.

Send all documents to: Dalène du Plessis

Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development
Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
University of Pretoria
PRETORIA 0002, Republic of South Africa

Send all electronic submissions to:

PHD Scholarship for Students Pursuing Studies in Environmental Economics