Author Topic: Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon appointed Edo Chief Of Staff  (Read 1180 times)


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Hon Patrick Obahiagbon, NLT Salute!!!

''Unbreakable News: Hon Patrick Obahiagbon has now been officially appointed as the new CHIEF OF STAFF to Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

How can I congratulate my dear friend without committing any grammatical blunder? =)) How can I felicitate with this 'Human Lexicon' of his generation without causing a brouhaha on Facebook? Hon. Obahiagbon is no doubt an erudite grammaticologist extra ordinary pleni potentiary. He is not only a sagacious pen-technocrat but an eccentric classical wordsmith in his own domain. This intellectual colossus is a rare breed of homo sapiens among all the present-day parliamentarians in Nigeria. Please, permit me to stop here!

The magnificent entrance of Igodomigodo into the Nigerian political landscape cannot be measured by any yardstick. Our own 'Human Dictionary', 'Encylopedia Nigeriana', erudite lexicographer, and politico dramatis personae in the person of Hon Patrick Obahiagbon JP must be accorded his due respect not only for uniquely re-branding the Queen's language but for accidentally infecting the younger generation of Nigerian youth with Igodomigomiasis.

All his essential daily words are acrobatic, unspeakable, pseudo-Shakespearean and non-Elizabethan English grammar! This wonderful African man of letters must be officially invited to the Buckingham Palace in London to vibrate the ear-drums of Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth and her gaffe-prone Sweetheart, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, the one and only father of Prince Charles.

This is my humble logomaphy and the logomaphy I made without any trace of loga partial!

*I need urgent deliverance*''

By Jagunmolu 'OluwaDare Lasisi

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