Author Topic: Meanings of Stupidity, Ignorance, Idiocy and Kolo in Nigerian Context  (Read 617 times)


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I was amused when I stumbled upon this write-up and feel like sharing with you for your comment. Please be sincere! Is this true or false?

STUPIDITY is when you don’t have a bicycle and you give your last penny to your pastor to buy a jet.

MUMU is when you can’t pay your children’s school fees and yet have money to contribute to your church to build expensive schools which your children will never attend..

IGNORANCE is when you believe it when your pastor tells you not to live a worldly life, yet he enjoys all the good things in the world;the fine houses, cars, jets, babes etc., while you are waiting till you get to heaven to enjoy your own....

IDIOCY is when you refuse to take your very sick child to the hospital because your pastor said you should not do so, yet that same pastor secretly runs to the USA for medical attention any time he has a headache...

KOLO is when you see a poor beggar on the road and you refuse to give him 50 Naira out of the 5000 Naira in your pocket because it is your tithe money....

YOU are a zombie when you trek, dance and gallivant for 30 kilometres under the hot sun sweating and smelling like shit during your revival program, while your pastor is inside a full option, factory fitted air-conditioned state of the art SUV with his delectable wife slow driving along the road.

Stop worshiping your pastors!!! Stay focused on God!

Originally written by: John Okafor (Nollywood).

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