Author Topic: RELAX... Your Disappointment May Turn To Your Appointment – A True Life Story  (Read 598 times)


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A lady had an interview to attend at 10am in Nairobi. That day; she woke up early and booked a vehicle at 5am. The vehicle didn't delay, she liked the speed too. With her estimation, she would get to Nairobi by 9am. Just past Gilgil, the traffic cops stopped the vehicle and surprisingly, 2 fellows had not fastened their safety belts. The vehicle was summoned to the police station which was 15km off the main highway.

The lady got really sad, she couldn't switch vehicles since she had no extra money and was thus forced to wait. She tried to call the interviewers at 1st to reschedule her interview time but the call never went through. By the time they were leaving the station, it was already 8.50am. She hoped all would be well but at Naivasha, the vehicle developed a fault which delayed the journey for 1hr. By the time she got to Nairobi, it was 12.30. She rushed to the venue of the interview, but had to wait till 2pm since it was lunch time. At 2.15pm, she went to the secretary who told her she would have to wait till 3.30pm since the management were in a meeting.

At 3.30pm, she's called in and the director told her, sorry for keeping U waiting since morning, we're held up in another meeting with our company suppliers... However we have sat since 2pm to deliberate on your job specification, your office and the salary.

The lady was baffled and said, "Sir I haven't been interviewed yet’’.

The MD answered her and said "we decided not to conduct the interview at least to save time and also save the interviewees money on transport, so we looked at the papers for the most appropriate person we want and we opted for U. You won't be disappointed. You’ll be shown your office, your secretary and the driver assigned to drive your company's allotted vehicle. You’ll be on probation for 2yrs.

Note: U might be held up by issues in your life and hope might be diminishing and U think the chance is gone .But U know what? God's waiting for U to release His favour, so don't go back along the way, dont quit, don't be upset by what U face along the way.

In fact, God has already deliberated on your specifications...One more thing, u dont have to go through any interview, since u have all the qualifications God wants..

You’re in for a Divine announcement before the end of this year.

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