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Scott A Morgan - The Year 2011 has the chance to be a watershed year for the African Diamond Trade. For the first time since the implementation of the Kimberley Process an African State the Democratic Republic of the Congo has the rotating Chair of this Process.  So the question that needs to be asked is" What Agenda will the DRC Promote while in charge of the KP?

Before the Agenda is discussed lets take a walk down memory or in the case of Countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, Nightmare Lane. In the 1990s both West African States suffered Civil Strife that had control of the Diamond Fields as one of the goals of both Government Forces and Insurgents. As a result of these conflicts and the exploitation of Natural Resources in the region the Kimberley Process was developed.
So last month the DRC took over the chair of the KP that was relinquished by Israel. By most accounts the DRC is proposing a Strong and Vigorous Agenda for the rest of the year. Key components of their strategy are: A Plan to boost internal controls by developing a system for artisanal miners and tracking these gems from the point where they are extracted to export; Combat smuggling by focusing on the controls currently used in trading centers, beefing up the capacity of local customs officials where necessary and banning the use of post boxes by importers.

Source: Other Countries That have Issues Regarding Blood Diamonds


Enugu State is one of the states with least federal allocation in Nigeria irrespective of the fact that Coal remains largely deposited under its soils. The idea of utilizing the coal deposit may remain a pipe dream so long the Nigerian Government continues to lay national claim to all deposits in the country.

This ugly claim was conceived and enshrined by the Northern Nigeria political oligarchy that held Nigeria to the jugulars for over 40 years of the national life.
However, in all these shortcomings, Enugu State continued to survive believing monthly on the meager stipend that comes from Abuja. Other means of its survival is through agriculture which would be said to be receiving some level of attention presently. Other than agriculture, the state cannot boast of any other means to sustain her livelihood.

By Vitus Onaga
Source: How Chimaroke And Dan Shere Stole US$552m Belonging To Enugu State


Gadhafi, be careful what you pray for, Nigeria is still intact and you are in shambles. We can understand some Nigerians that still see Gadhafi in rebellious light against colonial and oppressive powers.

But if everyone calls you a mad dog and then bark at everyone including using foreign mercenaries to kill your own people, help must come your way. If we take into consideration that the population of Libya is just six million and earns more from oil than Nigeria with a population of 150 million; Gadhafi's praise based on better infrastructure than Nigeria is justified. Gov. Fashola is also praised, despite low world livability ranking of Lagos with 18m people to cater for, compared to Libya's only 6m. 

However, Gadhafi is a mad dog looking for ways to destabilize African countries so that he could install his own colonial puppets. He was a strong backer of Charles Taylor but could not offer him asylum he requested, yet Gadhafi had the nerve to criticize Nigeria on betrayal. Taylor not only killed Nigerian soldiers, he undermined Nigeria's peace effort in his Country, Sierra Leone and Central Africa. It was an international agreement that got him asylum in Nigeria that betrayed him; and Gadhafi refused to take him in.

By Farouk Martins Aresa
Source: Gadhafi: Ask Nigeria For Mercy And Asylum


   By BARR. OLASUPO OJO           We, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC); The Trade Union Congress (TUC); the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) and the Centre for Environment Human Rights Development (CEHRD) are national organizations committed to the realization of a credible, free and fair elections in Nigeria pursuant to which we have formed a Domestic Election Observers Partnership (DEOP and have agreed to work together as Domestic Observers of the Voters Registration exercise and the coming general elections.

Source: Avert Threat To The Credibility Of Voters Register Now-NLC, CDHR And CEHRD Warn


A Nigerian man, Maximillian Ezimora, has been arrested in Atlanta after shooting his wife, Uchenna Ezimora, five times. The wife, described by a source as a hard working registered nurse in the Atlanta area, survived the shooting and is currently hospitalized. SaharaReporters was unable to ascertain her condition.

Mr. Ezimora, who reportedly hails from Adazi, Anambra State, is being held in Fulton County jail in Atlanta. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of firearms while committing a felony.

The couple owns a business, Maxing Groceries, on Fletcher Street in Atlanta. SaharaReporters learnt that the business license is in Mrs. Ezimora's name.

Source: Nigerian Man Shoots Wife In Atlanta


   By Hakeem Babalola           Brother Leader Gaddafi. That is how I heard Libyans calling him – throughout my three days in Tripoli for a Historical African Migrants Conference in Europe which took place in Tripoli on January 15.

Source: Gaddafi: A System Of His Own


Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has sent an open letter to President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Chairperson of the African Union, urging him to use his leadership to ensure that the AU Assembly "urgently exercise its right under Article 4 of the Constitutive Act to intervene to stop the ongoing massive and outrageous human rights abuses in Libya."

By Adetokunbo Mumuni
Source: AU Must Intervene Militarily To Stop Massive Rights Abuses In Libya---SERAP


A British Airways flight from Lagos Nigeria made an emergency landing at 2:30 am in Algiers after experiencing engine problems.

"Flight BA 74 from Lagos was  diverted to Algiers after a  minor technical fault at  2:30 AM GMT" according to BA spokesperson contacted by SaharaReporters.

Sources on board told SaharaReporters that the BA pilot shut down the affected engine and sought emergency landing at an airport in Algieria.

The jet,a Boeing 747 with 301 passengers on board landed without incident and BA officials said a replacement jet is on its way to pick up stranded passengers to London.

BA Comment:       
We apologise to customers on the BA74 from Lagos to London for the diversion.

The aircraft has experienced a minor technical fault and we are sending a replacement out as quickly as possible to bring all the customers on the flight to London.


Democracy does not begin and end on election day. Democracy is not periodic-episodic actions. Democracy and elections have consequences. Democracy in Nigeria must not mean motions without movement.

Democracy must have bearing upon and must have positive impact on public policies. Due Process and The Rule of Law are key elements which forms the essential core democracies. Democratic process must promote and advance, due process and the rule of law

Nigeria in the 51st year post political independence operates a parlous national economy, in which steady electricity is still a promise, a dream and a fantasy. Nigeria after 50 years of flag independence from Britain is still in fits and starts. Nigeria is still a nation in which the majority cannot enjoy clean water supply. Too many Nigerians still die from avoidable, preventable and curable diseases, including malaria

By Paul I. Adujie           
Source: Revolution? Nigeria Is Ripe & Ready You Can Say That Again!


In view of the forthcoming April 2011 elections, Nigeria commenced the voter's registration exercise on the 15th of January, 2011, with an estimated timeline of about 2 weeks. Owing to various issues, unprecedented and otherwise, the duration of the exercise was extended to enable a greater majority of citizens register.

By Kunle Durojaiye and Idiare Atimomo
Source: 2011 Presidential Election: The Major Candidates  And  Critical Issue of Selection