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The basic infrastructure services managed by the government agencies include power, communication lines, marketing, banking, education and so on.  Even then, Cochin City has an acute shortage of power supply being the commercial capital of Kerala state.  The problem of low voltage, load shedding and poor condition of transmission and distribution lines need immediate attention.  The improvement may be done first of all by controlling the theft of electricity which is in rampant in the urban areas. 
On the other hand, the corruption in the maintenance of power supply may be checked by privatization of the energy sector in the urban centers.  The culture of payment for service does not exist in the Indian society and vice versa, the culture of service to the consumer also does not exist.  In general, most of the third World nations including India are facing the scourge of corruption, adulteration and inflation.  Thus, the principles involved in the economic theory of demand and supply has few takers here.  The telecom infrastructure sector is dominated by the government owned agencies that never care for the needs of the common man.  The only way out is to open up this sector for the private sector in a mass way.  The keen competition with the private courier services, for the improvement of the Postal and Telegraph services is a must for their existence.
The trade and commerce is the backbone of the urban society where the movement of the people and commodities provided the economic base for the development of the city.  The business and banking activities must be given more importance to promote trade and commerce in the city.  Cochin is a major center of trade and commerce due to its geographical proximity and also due to the presence of a natural harbor.
In Cochin Apartments and villas have many takers mainly due to its importance as a major trading center.  The announcement of the Vallarpadom Container Terminal project has resulted in major changes in the city.  Almost all the major business houses in India prefer to open shop in Cochin before branching out elsewhere in the state.

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