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Warehouse Supervisor Job at WTS Energy - Nigeria
« on: Jan 17, 2013, 02:30 AM »
Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor

Job Reference: WTOA02268

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Recruiter: WTS Energy Holding B.V. / WTS Energy

Sector: Energy, Oil and Gas

Job description:

•   Implement HSE policies as it pertains to this position in particular.

•   Promote safety consciousness and awareness in a material handling environment by bringing attention to unsafe or potentially hazardous situations.

•   Maintain the necessary standards that are required for material management, in the warehouse and inventory yard for safety and QA/QC and training.

•   Prepare, review, revise and improve all required materials management procedures required for Sun Materials and Inventory System.

•   Ensure effective interface with Fabrication yard for all material management requirements & issues.

•   Ensure effective utilisation, material delivery and storage, and material distribution to end users.

•   Physical identification of materials and labelling .

•   Participate in materials issuing and materials receiving activities in compliance with organization flow chart.

•   Ensuring that applicable issuing and receiving documentation is complete and maintained. Updating of inventory system accordingly.

•   Where applicable, responsible for stock/miscellaneous items replenishment .

•   Review availability of stock items or direct charges before ordering new items.

•   Intake (return) of material from operations back to stock and inventory adjustments accordingly.

•   Set up inventory in and assign numbers for all new and recurring stock material in line with the coding standards.

•   Conduct physical audit as appropriate.

•   Responsible for supervising all Warehouse related fabrication jobs. Ensures that safe practices as defined in companys procedures are followed while loading and off-loading materials.

•   Perform materials physical inspection & receive / return activities.

•   Responsible for proper storage and housekeeping of materials based on requirements and proposing space optimization methods.

•   Where applicable, responsible for identifying slow moving items and suggests alternate items to the users. Similarly, responsible for keeping track of fast moving items and highlighting these for early re-ordering to avoid stock-outs.

•   Where applicable, define consumable items and recommended minimum levels.


•   Highly computer literate with hands on experience MS Office, MS Outlook (Windows environment)

•   Good oral and written communication / presentation skills.

•   Should have sound knowledge of storage and handling of operations & other materials.

•   Experience with material management and handling within oil & gas environment and familiarity with fabrication materials and equipment.

•   Should be able to carry out task-based risk assessments for material handling jobs.

Terms & Conditions: For this position preference will be given to Nigerian nationals. In case expatriate candidates are selected, it is a prerequisite he/she is tasked to mentor and train a Nigerian understudy.

Company Profile: A multi-national EPC company operating in West Africa

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Warehouse Supervisor Job at WTS Energy - Nigeria
« on: Jan 17, 2013, 02:30 AM »