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International Students House (ISH) and our sister charity, International Students Trust, provide a range of Residential Scholarships for students from the developing world. The Residential Scholarships for students from the developing world. The Residential Scholarship provides free accommodation at ISH for up to a year, and in exceptional circumstances up to three years.

The majority of Scholarships are for Postgraduate courses, however we also grant Scholarships for Undergraduate Students. Nearly all of our Scholarships are co founded with the academic Institution who ensure a tutition fee waiver. All of our Scholarships are designed to give students from the developing world an opportunity to study in London and to acquire skills and training that will allow them, when they return home, to work and aid their country's development.

Applicants need to fulfill all the criteria below in order to have a good chance of being selected as recipents of the residential scholarship.

Selection Criteria

   1. Students should be from a developing or emerging country and intending to return on completion of their studies. Please click here for a list of developing or emerging countries.
   2. Preferences will be given to postgraduate students.
   3. Preference will be given to students on a course with a relevant application to developing countries.
   4. Students must have a good proven academic record, with every prospect of success in their study and future careers.
   5. Students must study at a publicly funded tertiary level educational institution in London.
   6. Students must study in one of our member instituitions. Please contact your university to check that they will be taking up membership for the academic year for which you are applying.
   7. Preference will be given to students who would otherwise be unable to study/finish their study for financial reasons.
   8. Except in exceptional circumstances awards will be for one year only, with no awards for repeat years of study.
   9. Preference will be given to students who are in receipt of a scholarship for tuition fees.
  10. We are accepting scholarship applications for the academic year 2011/2012.
  11. The deadline for this award is APRIL 30th 2011.

To apply for the residential Scholarship please download the form, complete it and return to the address below:

Welfare Department at International Students House,
229 Great Portland Street,
London, W1W 5PN.

Please Click here to download the application form.

Source: International Student House Residential Scholarships

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