Author Topic: Food for thought - Foolish Things People Do In Marriage  (Read 592 times)


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WHILE trying to prove a point over the action or inaction of their partner, many couples, unconsciously, display foolishness. Under this atmosphere, they seem uncontrollable, until they have satisfactorily expressed their displeasure and reacted to the stimuli of their spouse.

Having overgrown the state, they too will agree that some of their actions, inaction or reactions, were not wise enough. Listed below are are some of the foolish things they do in marriage:

 • Keeping malice

• Rejecting food because you are angry with your wife.

• Abusing each other.

• Reporting to a third party.

• "S" denial, having no interest in "S".

• Hatred and loveless ness.

• Failure to provide for the family.

• Night crawling.

• Nagging and murmuring.

• Failure to apologize when you are wrong.

• Failure to pray together with your spouse.

• Failure to forgive your spouse.

• Embarrassing your spouse openly.

• Comparing your spouse with others.

• Loving your siblings, parents and children More than your spouse.

• Failure to go for counseling when your marriage is in trouble.

• Failure to be committed to your marriage.

• Thinking of divorce

• Keeping things secret from your spouse.

• Threatening your spouse with divorce and separation.

• Shouting or raising your voice during discussions.

• Arguments which nobody is ready to lose.

• Taking credit for any good thing that happens and not giving any to your spouse.

• Being selfish and self centered.

• Allowing friends and family members to direct the affairs of your home.

• Not accepting blame for any mistake.

• Laziness and failure to work.

• Competing with your spouse at home.

• Talking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend often.

• Unfriendly and uncaring attitude

• Wife battering.

• Stinginess, loving to receive and not willing to give.

• Drunkenness and clubbing.

• Treating your spouse without respect.

• Failure to communicate or discuss issues as they come up.

• Wasteful spending.

• Allowing anger, bitterness and resentment to take over your life.

• Referring to old hurts often.

• Taking vengeance of every offence and refusing to reconcile.

• Sleeping around with other women.               


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