2011 King's Africa Masters Scholarships at King's College London, UK

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The Graduate School at King's College London is offering 3 scholarships to students of African nationality who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate masters or MPhilStud degree programme in any discipline at King's College London commencing in the 2011/12 academic year.

Value of award

Specified use

These scholarships can be used to contribute towards tuition fees or living costs. Subject to satisfactory progress, this award is valid for the full duration of the postgraduate programme.

Eligibility criteria
•   Open to the following nationalities
o   Zimbabwe
o   Zambia
o   Zaire
o   Uganda
o   Tunisia
o   Togo
o   Tanzania
o   Swaziland
o   Sudan
o   South Africa
o   Somalia
o   Sierra Leone
o   Seychelles
o   Senegal
o   Sao Tome and Principe
o   Rwanda
o   Nigeria
o   Niger
o   Namibia
o   Mozambique
o   Morocco
o   Mauritius
o   Mauritania
o   Mali
o   Malawi
o   Madagascar
o   Libya
o   Liberia
o   Lesotho
o   Kenya
o   Guinea-Bissau
o   Guinea
o   Ghana
o   Gambia
o   Gabon
o   Ethiopia
o   Eritrea
o   Equatorial Guinea
o   Egypt
o   Djibouti
o   Cote d'Ivoire
o   Congo, Republic of
o   Congo, Democratic People's Republic
o   Comoros
o   Chad
o   Central African Republic
o   Cap Verde
o   Cameroon
o   Burundi
o   Burkina Faso
o   Botswana
o   Benin
o   Angola
o   Algeria
•   • Applicants must: ~ Be due to commence a full-time postgraduate masters programme or MPhilStud programme at King's College London during the 2011/12 academic year; ~ Be liable to pay tuition fees at the full international/overseas rate. Please note that: ~ Existing postgraduate masters/MPhilStud degree students are not eligible to apply; ~ These studentships cannot be held on a part-time basis; ~ students must be currently living within their home country in order to be eligible; ~ students who have previously studied outside of their home country are not eligible
•   Applicable subjects
o   All subject areas

Application procedure

Eligible applicants who submit an admissions application and indicate they wish to be considered for Graduate School funding schemes open to postgraduate taught (PGT) programmes – deadline of 1 March 2011 – will automatically be considered for the King's Africa Scholarships. You will not be required to submit a separate form or notify the Graduate School Support Team of your wish to be considered. Please DO NO contact the Graduate School Support Team to ask for your application to be considered as it will be automatically.

See full details of how to apply via the Graduate School postgraduate taught (PGT) schemes (1 March 2011 deadline) at:
   King's College London -  Graduate School taught masters degree (PGT) funding

For applicants who intend to apply between 1 March and 15 April 2011 please follow the process set out below:

~ Materials to be submitted:
An Admissions Application form - submitted to the admissions office via the online admissions portal via https://myapplication.kcl.ac.uk/. Instructions on how to apply will be available via the Admissions link (see left hand menu).
~ Africa KINGS Funding Reference Code – applicants must enter the following reference code 'Africa11' under question 5 'Other - please specify' of the 'Funding' page of the admissions application.
~ Academic References – all admissions applications require two references to be submitted in support, please ensure that your chosen referees are aware of the funding deadline
~ Academic Transcripts – where applicable, academic transcripts must be submitted with the online admissions application by the funding deadline.

Please note that applicants must complete and submit the required documentation by the deadline of 17.00GMT, 15 April 2011. Note that the deadline is absolute and materials received after this specified time and date will not be accepted and the applicant will be considered ineligible.

Source: 2011 King's Africa Masters Scholarships at King's College London, UK