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"How will you convert iTunes M4B to MP3? The file extension is M4B, which isn't appropriate for my own Creative Zen MP3 player. Exactly what is the method to convert it, though it may be iTunes protected?"

When you meet up with the same problem, you got the right place! You should read through this kind of guide to learn about how to convert iTunes M4B Audiobook categories to MP3 to be able to enjoy them on mobile MP3 players.

The M4B you got from iTunes store are protected by DRM. In order to play them on mobiles or mp3 players except for iPod, iPhone and other Apple's products, you ought to remove the protection mechanism and copy the protected M4B audiobook categories to MP3.This is actually the guidance to teach you how to convert iTunes M4B Audiobook to MP3.

Method1:Remove DRM Protection from iTunes Songs utilizing iTunes CD-R/W

With regard to iTunes M4B, the favourite means for taking away DRM-protection from M4B Audiobookis almost certainly to burn up the files to a CD-R/W and then transfer them back to your iTunes library. This is the no cost method guaranteed to free you of DRM chaos. Still a CD is necessary. When you've got numerous iTunes audio, it is deemed an exspensive way.

1 Put a blank CD-R or a CD-RW. CD-RW is really suggested when your playlist has many songs

2 Burn the playlist to disk.

3 Re-import the songs after having a effective burn.

4 Delete the original purchased tracks.

5 Subsequent to taken away DRM from iTunes audio, you are able to burn iTunes audio to DVD for enjoying on other audio formats.

Method2:Eliminate DRM from iTunes M4B applying DRM Removal

Aimersoft DRM Converter is certainly a software to quickly\ eliminate the DRM and copy iTunes M4B audiobooks to MP3. You'll be able to click here to download DRM Removal and after that convert the M4B audiobooks to MP3 files in order to play them with your mobile phones or Audio players.

1. Download Aimersoft DRM Converter, do the installation.

2. Import file to DRM Converter. Add the DRM protection music from iTunes by pressing 'Add' button.

3. Customize settings. To select output format, to define output destination, 'options' button gives general output setting, DRM locater, plus some configuration.

4. Begin the conversion and obtain iTunes M4B Audiobook free then you might also delete originals files.This DRM Removal can not only get rid of DRM from M4B Audiobook, but almost all DRM Music and Movie data files downloaded or bought from online shop including Wondows media center, Napster, Rhapsody, Beashare, etc, it is definitely well worth the price, particular for the consumers that are usually confused by DRM or mismatched formats.

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