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PhD Position/Scholarship in Plant Ecology, Sweden
« on: Jan 28, 2010, 06:00 PM »
At the Department of Botany, Stockholm University, ref. no. 2/2010

Project description: The purpose is to examine how difference in food web structure among sites from Uppland to Norrbotten has affected the interaction between purple loosestrife and its two main herbivores. A key issue to explore in this project will be plant odours and how the regional variation in volatiles affect both the plant-herbivore interaction as well as the interaction between the herbivores and their natural enemies. The PhD-project will mainly examine the interaction from the herbivore perspective and will study the role of plant chemistry, herbivore behaviour and population dynamics for the strength of species interaction and for the evolution of species traits. The work will involve both field and laboratory work, behavioural studies and chemical analyses. The chemical work will be done in collaboration with chemical ecologists at KTH and other parts of the work will be done together with ecologists from SLU and Uppsala University.

Further information:
Professor Peter Hambäck,
Dept. of Botany,
Stockholm University,
106 91 Stockholm.
home page: Botaniska institutionen

The application should include a letter of intent, a certified curriculum vitae that includes information on previous education, two copies of the masters thesis (or ‘examensarbete’), other documents supporting your competence and suitability for the position, and address and phone number to two reference persons. The application can be written in English or Swedish.

The minimum requirements are completed exam on advanced level, or studies corresponding to at least 4 years education, or 240 credit points, including 60 credit points at advanced courses. Previous studies should include at least 15 credit points in ecology, or corresponding courses, and a completed master thesis (or ‘examensarbete’) of at least 30 credit points, in ecology or in a related field.

Applications will be evaluated based on the applicant’s knowledge of ecological theory and applications, fieldwork experience, written and spoken English, creativity, power of initiative, independence and ability to collaborate. Evaluations will be based on results on University courses, quality of master’s thesis, references, interviews and the letter of intent. The successful candidate must possess a driving license in order to carry out the field work.

A PhD education is 4 years (48 months). During the first two years the student recieves a scholarship (Sw: “utbildningsbidrag”) and during the last two years the student has a PhD position (Sw: “doktorandanställning”). Up to 20% of teaching may be included in the position.

The application should be labeled with the reference number 2/2010, and should be received at the following address no later than February 25, 2010:

Registrator Mirska von Kraskowski,
Department of Botany,
Stockholm University,
SE-10691 Stockholm,

Union representatives:
Bo Ekengren,

ST (
+46 8 162000,

Gunnar Stenberg,
+46 70-316 43 41, and

PhD student representative (

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PhD Position/Scholarship in Plant Ecology, Sweden
« on: Jan 28, 2010, 06:00 PM »