Author Topic: Food for thought For Nigeria - Disclaimer From The Devil  (Read 465 times)


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•I can assure u that I wasn't even close to Nigeria when Farouk Lawan took bribe from Otedola... In fact I was in Bahamas with JOHN YAKUBU YUSUFU (the police pension fund thief) helping him to spend the money lavishly on girls and Marijuana.. Now, how can I be blamed for that?

•I even hear people blaming me for the Bad leadership Nigeria has had since her independence... In truth, even me the Devil,don't have the mind to steal Heartlessly the way Nigerian leaders do...I can't be that wicked.. Am saying this bcos the evil done daily in my name in Nigeria is sickening and I hereby appeal to Nigerians in the name of Jesus to stop destroying my Name.

•The most Ridiculous of them all is when people say don't blame BOKO HARAM, blame the Devil... For your info, I don't operate like that...wrapping myself with bombs is not my style.. How in God's name will anyone imagine that I'll kill myself just to sleep with 17 virgins in heaven when they know am not going to heaven?.. No point in killing myself foolishly like that and fast-track my journey back to HELL.

• How dare Nigerians point accusing fingers at me over the death of travellers along the Lagos - Benin express road? How is it the Devils fault that a certain Anthony Aninih (Mr Fix it) didn't FIX the road for which he collected billions? Or was it ever announced in the news that the Devil was awarded billions of Naira contract to TAR that road?

STOP BLAMING THE DEVIL. You are accountable for your sins. The bible says everyone shall account for his/her sins.. EVEN THE DEVIL.

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