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This scheme allows for CEPO and companies to jointly fund local scholarships for clean energy Research and Coursework Masters and PhDs. The scheme will help to ensure an adequate supply of CE trained postgraduates for companies as they expand their businesses.

Eligibility Criteria for Companies:
Companies to be considered for this programme should be key companies that have a reputation for, or that can demonstrate, professional personnel management to ensure that the scholars are gainfully employed. The companies should preferably be well-established and have a sizeable operation in Singapore or are considering new investments / projects in Singapore.

Joint NRF (Clean Energy) Company Scholarships, would be branded as the NRF (Clean Energy)-(“company name”) Scholarships.

The scholars would be bonded to work at the participating company either at the company’s local operations (for foreign/local companies) and/or overseas operations (for Singapore companies) upon graduation. The bond period would be 2 years for local Masters and 3 years for local PhDs.

Application Procedure:
For companies which are interested, please contact Mr Lim Teck Yong at Email: or Tel: 6832 6393.

Closing Date for Application:
Applications are open throughout the year. Interested companies are advised to contact EDB for further discussions.

Source: Clean Energy Scholarships | Singapore Economic Development Board.

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