2011 Gerda Henkel Scholarships in the History of Ideas

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In collaboration with the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the German Literature Archive Marbach, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel have awarded the Gerda Henkel Scholarships in the History of Ideas three times since 2007.

Applications are invited from doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who are planning a history of ideas project based on the source material held at one or more of the three research institutions. The maximum bursary period is five months, and the grant amounts to 900 Euro per month for doctoral and 1500 Euro per month for post-doctoral candidates.

Proposals should develop a clear focused research question relevant to current trends in intellectual history. Interdisciplinary projects linking political intellectual history with the history of images and media would be particularly welcome. Purely literary projects cannot be considered.

Candidates can apply to work consecutively at two institutions within the programme.


The criteria for the award of fellowships are qualifications of candidates, the importance of intellectual historical research as well as the relevance of the topic. A legal claim for a scholarship does not exist. [Details about health insurance, foreign travel, etc., see Marbury Scholarship Program: http://www.dlamarbach.

Abstract, project description to maximum of 6 pages, work plan, curriculum vitae, publication list, certificates, appraisals are necessary.

Link to Download the Application Form: 2011 Gerda Henkel Scholarships

For more information, contact:
German Literature Archive in Marbach,
Dr. Marcel Lepper,
Schillerhöhe 8-10, D-71672 Marbach am Neckar,
E-mail: marcel.lepper @ dla-marbach.de,
Phone: +49-7144-848-171 Fax: +49-7144-848-191, WWW:

Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel,
Dr. Jill Bepler,
Postfach 1364,
D-38 299 Wolfenbüttel,
E-mail: bepler@hab.de,
WWW: http://www.hab.de

Weimar Classics Foundation,
Dr. Jonas Maatsch,
Burg Platz 4,
D-99423 Weimar,
E-mail: jonas.maatsch @ Classic stiftung.de,
WWW: http://www.klassik-stiftung.de

Application Deadlines: 30 April 2011.

Source: Gerda Henkel Stiftung | Fellowships.