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Job Title: Offshore Drilling Site Safety Advisor (Rig Safety Advisor)

Job Code: 5032311

Location: Nigeria

Company: Leader Engineering Ltd – Nigeria

Reports to: On-Site Drilling Representative / Drilling Operations Superintendent

Job Summary:

The Upstream Nigeria Drilling Safety Advisor is responsible for carrying out the work activity and objectives established by the Upstream Nigeria Drill Team, Drilling Representative and the administration and implementation of the Upstream Nigeria Drilling Safety Management Program. These duties include, but are not limited to, being role model for the CLIENT Safety Credo and representing the Company in a professional manner both on and off the job to include confidentiality of Company and Client business. Representing an unbiased position and enforcing safety.

Essential Functions:

1.  Reinforces the drilling vision and goals for all personnel at the rig site and demonstrates a commitment to the Drilling Safety Management Program and Leadership Expectations through visible, active participation in all safety related activities. Demonstrates Safety Leadership that supports the vision of “Nobody Gets Hurt”.

2.  Visibly participates in the Behavior Based Safety Program (BBSP), such as START/STOP Observations (as the program was developed). Reinforces the positive intent of the programs while intervening with others. Develops the behaviors necessary to actively implement the BBSP on one to one bases while conducting daily walk through inspections.

3.  Reviews, thoroughly understands and Implements CLIENT Drilling’s Site Operations Safety Plan (OSP), OIMS and SMP Manuals. Reviews and thoroughly understands Regulatory, Upstream Nigeria and Contractor safety policies and manuals. Assists with maintaining all manuals current.

4.  Reviews contractors safety processes and tools, safety systems, programs, initiatives, goals and policies at the work site as stated in the OSP for compliance. Notifies the Drilling Supervisor if any areas of concern have been identified

5.  Trains, monitors and ensures contractor personnel at the work site have a good understanding of the OSP, their personal roles, responsibilities, and the requirement to adhere to the OSP. Intervenes as required to correct noncompliance and trains immediately to ensure understanding.

6.  Continually monitor operations and facilities to ensure a safe working environment; for full compliance with EMDC and Upstream Nigeria SHE policies, procedures and guidelines, paying special attention to work behaviors, environmental concerns and safety equipment.

7.  Conducts frequent walk-through inspections, on site assessments with balanced focus on people, process and facilities throughout the work site. This will also include weekly platform inspections.

8.  Audits the tracking of rig generated waste (cuttings, waste oil, general waste, etc.) to ensure that cradle to grave is documented. Verifies that required waste manifests generated are correctly reflected on the tracking log. Verifies that the certificates of incineration have been sent / received on the rig to close out the documentation.

9.  On-Shore: Keeps abreast of rig schedules for upcoming personnel staffing requirements due to critical equipment/lifting inspection needs. (Call –offs). Off-Shore: Keeps the Drilling Supervisor abreast of safety risk assessment needs, SIMOPS and/or regulatory requirements based on current rig operations and affiliate operational schedules.

- Assists as required in the coordination of work permits for the Affiliate and audits the Contractor Permit to Work System for compliance. – Support Upstream-CLIENT and on site contractor personnel in ensuring all safety systems are maintained to the required contract standard (e.g. Safety, Health and Environment requirements). – Observes Emergency and Security Drills, to identify potential improvement areas to better meet the SMP MODU Drills Guidelines. – Participates as required in incident investigations, Root Cause / TapRoot analysis and provides support in the development of related documentation. Assists with incident management as required. – Provides support in the organization and facilitation of all pre-tour and safety meetings. – Participates in JSA’s to ensure quality JSA’s are effectively implemented by all personnel. Maintains Service Providers JSA’s and makes updates / improvements as requested. Uses a system, such as statistical reporting and leading indicators and HRP (Hazardous Recognition Program) to drive continuous JSA improvements. – Ensure Service Provider’s base line JSA’s are up-dated with corrective actions from incident reports and safe operations alerts. – Stewards and tracks all CLIENT-Upstream Nigeria safety-related documentation and programs pertaining to the work site. Frequently reviews the OIMS files to confirm that the rigs required documentation is being maintained, and notifies the DS of any issues. – Presents safety bulletins, safe operations alerts and other safety-related information at pre-tour or other safety meetings. – If qualified, provides emergency care as needed for injured or sick personnel. Assists with medivac of personnel as required. Liaise with doctors and provide necessary information and assistance. – Audit contractors and vendors for contractual and procedural compliance. Assist contractors and vendors in achieving and maintaining the required safety and quality standards. – Be familiar with site spill response plans. Participate in spill response drills. Conduct regular inventory audits of CLIENT-Upstream Nigeria spill response equipment (i.e. burlap sacks and sawdust). Keep the senior on site drilling representative informed of any lack of equipment or delays in receiving orders. – Perform and document weekly and monthly facility inspections. Discuss issues with the Senior Drilling Supervisor and the OIM, Document corrective items on the D-100 Corrective Actions Report as agreed to by the Senior Drilling Supervisor and OIM. Tracks corrective items on the D-100 to closure. – On locations where the MODU will be positioned over an unmanned satellite platform you will develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan. This plan will identify muster stations, evacuation routes, life saving equipment requirements, and evacuation process. Signs will be clearly posted around the platform to clearly identify the items listed in the Emergency Evacuation Plan. – While on locations where MODU is positioned over an unmanned satellite platform you will be required to verify that there is sufficient life saving equipment to adequately protect all personnel on the platform in case of emergency. This will include setting up, inspecting, and maintaining Drilling provided life saving equipment to complement the production life saving equipment provided. – On locations where the MODU will be positioned over an unmanned satellite platform you will contact and assist the Drill Team Security Advisor to conduct a Platform Security Assessment to identify and close any potential gaps that could lead to unauthorized access. This will include training and mentoring of the Well Watcher within the areas of: Access Control, Security Surveillance and responsibilities / duties during Threat Level Escalation. – Ensure ESD equipment is maintained (with Production assistance) as required to interface the rigs ESD system with satellite platforms (JV Operations), verify functionality of equipment upon rig move to new locations. Witness and document ESD test on a weekly/monthly basis. – Implement the National Safety Advisor training development plan, using positive mentoring process. The areas of development will include safety skills development, how to interact using a BBSP, direction and leadership, safety intervention, professional conduct, and Hazard Recognition by means of the HRP process. – Work closely with other safety related operations to inform them of possible situations which could be hazardous to their personnel or operations. (Notify the Drilling Supervisor when there are cargo shipments issues which could negatively impact off-loading operations.)

Desired Skills & Experience: – Previous working experience as a Rig Safety Advisor. – Degree educated in a relevant subject – certificates will be needed. – A minimum of 10 years working experience in the oil and gas industry. – Previous working experience in Nigeria/West Africa is mandatory.

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