2011 ADA Heydar Aliyev Fellowships for International Students

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  The world is shrinking fast, and social, economic and political interactions among countries and peoples are becoming more frequent. But meeting these challenges is both more complicated and requires greater skill than perhaps at any other time in human history.

At ADA, we are motivated by a need to establish an outstanding education and training for our own citizens in Azerbaijan, but we know that our growing nation also has a responsibility to bring first-class international education and leadership training for others in the region and the world, and to promote intellectual inquiry on many topics.

Hence, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy has launched Heydar Aliyev Fellowship.  Named after Heydar Aliyev, Azerbaijan's national leader and visionary statesman, the fellowship is meant to prepare global leaders with strong commitment to serve public cause.

The purpose of the fellowship is to:
- prepare innovative leaders with vision and global perspective
- encourage commitment to public service and further contribute to its development
- actively participate in international human capacity enhancement efforts
- enhance diversity of student body at ADA
- promote further intellectual inquiry on international topics
- help to strengthen bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and friendly countries.

The Heydar Aliyev Fellowship is granted to international students to study at ADA's Master and Bachelor Programs.


Fellowship Information: ADA offers Heydar Aliyev Fellowship to international students applying for MA and BA programs starting as of the Fall of 2011. This fellowship covers full cost of attendance and cost of living*.



Cost of Attendance
Tuition:   4,750
Books:    800

Cost of Living
Housing:   4,800
Allowance for personal expenses:   4,200

Total Annual Cost:   14,550


Cost of Attendance
Tuition:   2,500
Books:      600   

Cost of Living
Housing:   4,800   
Allowance for personal expenses:   4,200

Total Annual Cost   11,850   


Cost of Attendance
Tuition:    2,500
Books:      675

Cost of Living
Housing:    4,800
Allowance for personal expenses:   4,200

Total Annual Cost:      12,675

* All other expenses not included in above table must be paid by the fellowship holder.



- Applicants should first be admitted into ADA. Only admitted and enrolled students in good academic standing are eligible for the Fellowship.
- Previous work experience in public sector and/or commitment to serve in public sector
- Minimum semester GPA level of 3.0 is required for continuation of fellowship
- Recipients are expected to actively engage in ADA community


Currently ADA admits students to its graduate (MADIA) and undergraduate (BAIS and BBA) programs.

Please click here to view instructions and apply to the Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs (MADIA) Program.

Please click here to view instructions and apply to the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs.   

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