Author Topic: Giveaway - Create a true Easter atmosphere on your desktop with Easter 3D Screensaver.  (Read 423 times)


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It is Easter morning and everything is ready for the new life! Enjoy the views of cute little Easter bunnies cheerfully jumping around decorated baskets filled with colorfully painted Easter eggs. It is time for children to wake up and start hunting for their favorite Easter treats. Nice peaceful music and a festive colorful setting with lush green grass and bright blooming flowers will create a true holiday atmosphere on your desktop.

  • Full 3D environment.
  • Stunningly colorful graphics.
  • High-quality animation.
  • Celebrate the holiday of spring and new life.
  • Relaxing music and realistic sound effects.
  • Digital Clock.
  • FPS counter.
  • Get ready for an Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning.

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