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Job Title: EPSRS Coordinator

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Recruiter: Deep Blue Energy Services Limited (DBESL)

Sector: Energy, Oil and Gas


•   The primary role of the EPSRS Coordinator is to coordinate the establishment of the Emergency Pipeline and Subsea Repair System (EPSRS) for the Client’s Districts.

•   The EPSRS Coordinator ensures preparedness of Client’s District to repair in emergency failures on critical pipelines or subsea equipment.

•   The scope of intervention of the Client’s District EPRS covers production, water injection, gas injection and gas export pipelines, risers including structures (FLETS, ILTs) and spools / jumpers, manifolds, umbilicals and terminations, flexible lines (bonded and unbonded), offloading hoses, OOLs and all their appurtenances, FPSO and OLT moorings, flexible joints, etc…

•   In order to achieve the above, the EPSRS Coordinator will verify that critical failure scenarios are identified, repair methodologies are available, contracting strategies covering specific services and additional procurement are in place and operational.

•   Outcomes of the activity are important as the deliverables will largely contribute to the reduction of repairs time and improvement of facilities availability.

•   Putting in place the EPSRS material management strategy in dedicated Company or Contractors yards is also a major role of the Service holder.

•   The position includes a coordinating role due to the transverse nature of the activity. The Service holder has to liaise with Operations, Engineering, Construction, Projects, Contracts, Procurement, Contractors and Headquarters Company specialists and experts, under the supervision of the Client’s Subsea Manager.


The major activities of the EPSRS Coordinator cover the two main areas of emergency repairs, the conceptual strategy and the material management:

Conceptual strategy

In line with Company Referential requirement and local organization, puts in place the requirement of an EPSRS:

•   Finalize with all stakeholders the exact scope of intervention of EPRS, in particular with regards to subsea production units (valves, instrumentation, wellheads, etc…),

•   Establish the EPSRS technical guide, covering asset register, most likely failure scenarios and guide through the repair process,

•   Update components criticality ranking,

•   Define repair scenarios and develop repair methodologies covering from damage investigation through to re-commissioning,

•   Prepare detailed description of incorporable equipment to be used in case of repair,

•   Source qualified suppliers and indicate delivery schemes, schedules and costs,

•   Provide guidelines for storage and preservation,

•   Make recommendation for spares and contracting strategy,

•   Identify Contractors capable of managing repairs of identified critical failure scenarios,

•   Challenge identified repair solutions proposed by Contractors,

•   Identify necessary tools and procedures to manage repairs of identified critical failure scenarios,

•   Identify necessary spares,

•   In collaboration with and Port-Harcourt (PHC) Districts Technical & Logistics Departments, define material management strategy for EPSRS material,

•   Carry-out if necessary tests on repair solution to ensure soundness,

•   Organize training and sensibilisation of various entities potentially involved in an emergency repair to ensure preparedness of organization,

•   Define, in agreement with PHC District JV Offshore Asset, battery limit of EPSRS scopes for Client 16” Gas Export Line to Amenam,

•   Ensure PHC District JV Offshore EPRS progresses in line with plan as any failure on Amenem 24” Gas Export Line to Bonny LNG plant will have an impact on Client’s production,

•   Be the Technical Administrator (TADM) for EPSRS stock materials,

•   Be the custodian of EPSRS stock material technical supporting documents, e.g. mill certificates, material certificates, pressure test certificates, manufacturer certificates, etc…,

•   Be the guardian of EPSRS documentation quality assurance and quality control,

•   Establish synergies between DW Districts Asset EPSRS strategies,

•   Representing Company, participate in Work Groups on EPSRS matter with other Nigerian operators,

•   Prepare the EPSRS organizational procedure.

Material Management

In collaboration with and PHC Districts Technical & Logistics Departments, establish a leadership position in order to ensure that:

•   EPSRS and operational surplus segregation is organized for Client Project delivered material,

•   EPSRS material is reviewed and inspected on receipt,

•   Dedicated preservation plans are elaborated and put in place per type of material, ensure markings are readable,

•   Regular inspection of EPSRS material is organized, result reports issued and subsequent action plans put in place,

•   EPSRS material is stored in specific and dedicated areas (open air, warehouse, confined environment…) as per Company Technical Authorities (TA) and manufacturers or suppliers storage recommendations,

•   EPSRS material and supporting documents are properly managed (UNISUP),

•   Regular inspection, maintenance, repair, replenishment and recertification of EPSRS stock materials are implemented,

•   Periodical (annual) reviews and update of EPSRS documentation are implemented.

•   Best use of storage facilities in Onne or Port-Harcourt new pipe yard is determined in liaison with PHC District, by specifying the required space and conditions (open, sheltered and air conditioned) and access conditions.

Location: Lagos

Status: Resident. Various missions to Onne, Port-Harcourt, Contractors’ yards, layout vessels.


Compliance with Client HSE KPI & Objective and assist DW ECP in compliance with overall TUCN HSE requirement

Accountability is mainly associated to the soundness of the repair solutions and recommendations proposed as the Service holder has no direct management responsibility.

His main accountability lies into the level of preparedness of Client’s District to face emergency repairs to be carried out on subsea equipment. This implies development of repair methodologies and contracting strategies covering specific services and spares procurement.


Education and experience

•   Qualification (minimum MSc) in an engineering discipline with strong technical background.

•   Minimum of 7 years experience, preferably 10, in Oil and Gas operations and design.

•   Experience of North Sea operations + another geographical exposure in Deep Water (GoM, Golf of Guinea)

•   Worked with or for major pipeline or subsea Contractors.

•   Good knowledge in following areas: pipeline design, subsea design, pipeline layout operations, subsea operations, contracts, procurement.

•   Awareness in following areas in the oil and gas offshore business: risk assessment, marine design, marine operations, maintenance, inspection, design engineering, project, diving and ROV, quality.

Language skills

•   Fluent in English.

•   Computer knowledge

o   Conversant with usual business suites (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access).

o   Awareness of Company in house tools: SAP, SYNERGI, Fame+, FOMTHI, T@lk

•   Personal qualities

o   Rigor and critical sense, open-minded, keen to knowledge sharing.

o   Leadership and strong listening / communication skills.

o   Team working

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