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1) Visit the supermarket with your lover: you eye the chocolate and tease him, about how his chocolate between his leg taste and he will joke about your whipped cream. Always remember anything that can be eaten or licked,can be eaten or licked off your partners body so don’t forget to plan a meal together.JUST FOR BOTH OF YOU!

2) Visit the park together: don’t just take a walk there, do something romantic together...

3) Visit the library: recently i started going to the library with a guy i like and i realized that Studying with someone you’re attracted to is hot and s**y because You have to be quiet, sit down, bury your nose in a book, and behave, which makes you want to rebel like you will do in high school, causing both of you to sneak off for some naughty hot library fun  in the back or sitting far away from each other but staring at yourselves with so much passion that make you want to go some where and have extra fun.

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The activities are good for partners, l suppose.  :D