Author Topic: Super Bowl Ads 2010: Lots of Chips and Beer, Light On Gadgets  (Read 946 times)


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Did you blink during the Super Bowl commercial breaks? Too bad if you did, because it means you may have missed the anemic number of gadget or tech-related commercials worth talking about tomorrow at the water cooler. But! Megan Fox!

Megan Fox is an obvious choice, for obvious reasons (if she's your thing): She had a Motoblur, and we're a gadget blog! See? Obvious. Anyway, tweeting from a tub on her new phone, she pondered what would happen if she sent a picture of her bathing out to the world. Hijinks ensued, people were hurt, and even a gay couple somehow got distracted by the fox that is Megan Fox:

And such is the power of Fox that there were scenes that didn't make the final cut.

Then there was Beyonce, fresh off her Grammy performance, performing again for Vizio. Surrounded by Internet memes and celebrities, Twitter and what appeared to be an army of automobile assembly line robots (hopefully not ones from Toyota), she sang and sold that company's Via/Internet Apps technology. Think Internet on your HDTV, not because I say so or because that's exactly what it is, but because that's the message Vizio assaulted viewers with during the 60-second clip:

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