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Happy Workers Day!
« on: May 01, 2013, 09:06 AM »
ODE to all health workers who put all on line to save lives.

ODE to all lecturers, teachers and all in citadel of learning for impacting knowledge to humanity.

ODE to all who made the skies their abode so that you & I get to our various destinations.

ODE to all who sit behind the steering wheels to heat up the engines of buses and trains so that you & I could get to our destinations.

ODE to all dirt technicians who embrace the early morning cold to environmentally sanitize offices, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants etc

ODE to all who run stair cases & circle mail boxes so that you and I could get our mails & Newspapers on our breakfast tables.

ODE to you and you...........


Re: Happy Workers Day!
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Very good ODE to workers. They deserve to be appreciated.