2011 GDN-SEE & CIS Research Competition at Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw

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[attachimg=1 align=left] The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw), with financial support from the Global Development Network (GDN), the Austrian Ministry of Finance and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austrian Central Bank), announces a SEE & CIS research competition within the framework of the wiiw Global Development Network Southeast Europe (wiiw GDN-SEE) research project. 

Proposals are invited from economists and other social scientists. Projects with a significant commercial aspect or those that seek the funding of the dissemination of previous results (such as book preparation) rather than original research are explicitly excluded.  For the competition, the following topic has been identified: 'Crisis Effects: Growth Prospects, Social Impact and Policy Responses in SEE and CIS'.

The main hypothesis to be tested is the following:
The crisis shock introduces structural breaks in the distribution (e.g. increase of inequality) across different dimensions conditional on the change in potential speed of growth, the quality of development, and the induced or adopted policy changes. 

The areas of research are the following:
•   Macroeconomic effects: Financial flows and inequality; Distributional effects of public spending; Intergenerational justice and investments
•   Microeconomic effects: Crisis effects on income and poverty
•   Policy response: Incomes policy; Fiscal policy; Monetary policy
•   Improving labour market institutions: Wage setting process; Organisation of vocational training and skill upgrading; Potentials for improved social partnership
•   Political economy implications: Including social responses and institutional changes 

• Funding for individual projects will range between € 5,000 and € 8,000. Grants may begin as soon as 01 July 2011 and end no later than 30 November 2012.
• Depending on the size of the individual grants, the research competition will reward up to 12 grants.
• Applicants from outside the Southeast European region1 and the Commonwealth of Independent States2 will not be excluded a priori, however one of the goals of the wiiw GDN-SEE&CIS project is regional capacity building. Thus, each research team should include at least one young researcher (up to 35 years of age) from the region.
• Applications may be submitted by individuals or teams of researchers. No applicant can submit or be a part of more than one proposal.
• Funds for accepted projects will be released according to the following schedule: onethird upon award of the grant, one-third upon the receipt of a progress report at the midpoint of the research, and one-third upon the receipt of the final deliverables of the project. Where this schedule would constitute a serious hindrance to the proposed research, the applicant may petition for funds to be released on a different schedule after the award of the grant. Final deliverables must include at least one formal research paper that has been submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal. Proof of submission will be required.

All successful applicants should agree to come to Vienna to present the results of the research at a seminar at wiiw's expense. In addition we anticipate smaller workshops involving recipients in the various thematic areas held at wiiw in order to encourage links across researchers.   

For a more detailed description, please download the wiiw GDN-SEE project proposal at: www.wiiw.ac.at/balkan/files/wiiw-GDN-SEE&CIS-RC%202011.doc

Proposals must be postmarked by 15 May 2011.   

Questions and inquiries may be addressed to: research.competition@wiiw.ac.at.