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Job Title: Interface Leader

Employer: Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Ltd

Desired Expertise: Construction Superintendent, Engineering Technician, Project Engineer, Fabrication Engineer, Multi-Disciplined Engineer,

Experience: 5+ years

Minimum Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree

Salary: Attractive and Competitive

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Reference Code: ISCS-UFR-Tie-in Engineer -002

Employment Type: Part Time Contractor

Team / Package: UFR

Reporting to: DGM, UFR Packages


The UFR Facilities of the Project are split in three (3) UFR packages interfacing with all other project packages. These three packages are under the responsibility of the DGM UFR Packages. The OLT Buoy is under the responsibility of the OLT Buoy Package Manager. The UFR and OLT Buoy interface leader will eventually supervise all interfaces of these four (4) packages for the project CFT and execution phases

Within Project, the “UFR and OLT Buoy Interface Leader” will be reporting to the DGM UFR Packages, for the duration of the bidding phase, the “UFR and OLT Buoy Interfaces Leader” will manage and co-ordinate the interfaces related to the UFR packages (umbilical, linepipes, flowlines, risers, offloading lines, LBL array, FPSO-anchors, Buoy-anchors, PSV/Surfers stand-by moorings and offshore works) and the OLT Buoy package to ensure: compliance with schedule, consistent design basis and data set at all interfaces, overall design consistency and integrity at interfaces.

The project contractual frame he will be dealing with provides PROJECT Risers, Flowlines, Offloading Lines (OOLs), FPSO anchors to be all supplied under an EPCI-C type contract also including subsea tie-ins and all Offshore Works (incl. umbilicals, offloading buoy, and SPS equipment installation) and involve significant fabrication works in Nigeria at main contractor yard/offshore. The Umbilical system will be a standalone package supplied to the project under an EPC type contract from an international Vendor including in-Country fabrication of some of the equipment. The Offloading Buoy will also be a standalone package supplied to the project under an EPC type contract from a Nigerian yard. The line pipes for the flowlines will be supplied as a standalone package.

In such a context, the “UFR and OLT Buoy Interfaces Leader” essential scope of work will be defined as follows:

• Manage the interfaces internal to the UFR and Buoy packages, being directly responsible for those.

• Coordinate the interfaces and ensure an effective flow of information at the boundary of the assigned packages, internal to the Company project team organization (i.e. SPS and FPSO packages)

• Manage the interfaces and ensure an effective flow of information at the boundary of the assigned packages, dealing with entities external to the Company project team organization (i.e. UFR and Buoy packages bidders/contractors)

In order to reach such a target he will have prior FID to :

• Identify interfaces key to UFR and OLT Buoy packages delivery and ensure adequate attention is paid to these key interfaces within all interfacing packages thus preventing any negative (cost, CFT and project schedule) impact on UFR and OLT Buoy packages.

• Identify interfaces key to SPS and FPSO packages delivery and ensure adequate attention is paid to these key intefaces within UFR and OLT Buoy packages interfacing packages thus preventing any negative (cost, CFT and project schedule) impact on SPS and FPSO packages.

• Promote a ‘no change’ policy at interfaces in order to preserve CFT and Project Schedule

• In case of unavoidable changes ensure complete resolution of such changes is managed across UFR packages and monitoring necessary updates in interfacing packages.

• Propose mitigation means / solutions for interface issues resolution in coordination with Interface Leaders, Engineering Managers and Package Managers.

• Promote and stimulate effective communication among the parties involved,

• Assure technical cooperation in the team and with bidders in order to minimize technical and economical risks due to interfaces, liaising with all packages interface leaders and as need be with Engineering managers in order to assure the alignment and consistency of technical interfaces

• Managing interface meetings, as necessary, with the different bidders in order to agree interfaces qualification / clarification addressing all qualification to reduce technical and economical risks, negotiating the best resolution of interface discrepancy

• Keep abreast of other projects feedback, experience, know-how implementing best practices where applicable and relevant to the project phase

• Promote effective interface management through the introduction of new tools (as necessary) to assure technical interfaces integrity and traceability of agreements/changes.

• Develop any required register and / or ensure adequate use of interface managing tools such as eRoom.

After FID, keeping above tasks and responsibility, he will have in addition to :

• Ensure that interfaces are executed and completed in accordance with project objectives, ensure that interfaces are formally closed and approved by all parties before the design is frozen. Monitor, update and record revision and status of interfaces, assuring interface status reports (including progress status, identification of any areas of concern and main highlights)

• Be responsible of the overall technical integrity of interfaces

• Manage and coordinate the data flow across the mentioned project package/contractor interfaces to ensure coherence with design basis and data set, overall design consistency and integrity, compliance with the project schedule.


• Assist the DGM UFR Packages in the clear definition of the interfaces among the packages and formalize the interfaces matrix. Ensure the implementation of such interface optimisations in the design of the Facilities and in the Contracting-out strategy.

• Together with UFR Engineering Manager, ensure design consistency and continuity throughout the UFR packages facilities (Flowlines, Risers, Tie-in to subsea equipment and FPSO, Buoy and mooring lines installation, FPSO anchors design, Linepipe supply, Umbilicals ,etc.).

• Ensure that the FEED Contractors implement the required coordination and interface management system & resources to have a full consistency and coherency in the Basic design studies of the Project. At a later stage, the activities will be expanded to the control and monitoring of the EPC Contractors regarding the Contractors realization / responsibilities as defined in the interface matrix of the Project.

• Assist the UFR Package Manager, during the Call for Tender phase (and later during onshore and offshore construction phase), by anticipating operational interfaces with other parties (clashes or conflicting program). Propose solutions and participate in SIMOPS definition and resolution.

• Attend major interface meetings, internal and external with Bidders, Contractors, Packages Contractors, Vendors, TOTAL specialists, Partner’s experts, etc. Lead interface and other technical meetings as required.

• Ensure that HSE requirements are systematically considered all along the interface management process and in particular that interfaces are properly addressed during HAZID/HAZOP/PTR project audits.

• Ensure timely follow-up of interface issues.

• Management of interfaces, interferences and change data between Design studies (later on, between Packages) and parties. Monitoring and interface issues and control of change in order to resolve interface and change issues in a timely and organised manner according to the project procedures.

• Consolidate and advise the Project General Manager and the UFR Engineering Manager or DGM UFR Packages of any schedule & commercial issues arising from changes. Shall be the coordinator of the Management of Change, for the UFR packages providing the justification through all disciplines of the change. Ensure complete documentation of all changes, and communication of these in compliance with the Total process and the processes agreed with Partners and regulatory authorities.


HSEQ responsibilities:

• Support and enforce the HSEQ Project objectives and directives

• Support and implement the Project HSEQ management system (plans, procedures and specifications)

• Ensure all HSE aspects that will relate / impact UFR packages internal and external interfaces are all addressed in particular accounting for HAZID / HAZOP / PTR project audits results.


• The job holder will be graduated with an MSc in engineering that relates to industry at large and preferably to Petroleum industry activities (such as Mechanical Engineering, Wells & Drilling Engineering, Controls, Ocean & Subsea Engineering, preferred) ; certified copy of diploma with grade shall be provided ; ideally the candidate will be also a chartered Engineer (such as CEng MICE) or similar education level, with a sound oil & gas multi-discipline technical background in deep offshore production facilities engineering & construction, complemented by general knowledge/experience concerning the integration of subsea system surface equipment (risers, umbilicals, subsea control systems, hydraulic systems, etc) with the surface production facilities.

• A good understanding of overall and detail planning management is essential. Pending professional experience, candidate with a Bachelors Degree (BSc) in Engineering will be also given consideration for the position.

• Professional Experience (number of years): 10 years of relevant engineering experience in Oil and Gas Production Projects, with, preferably, some participation in FPSO and Subsea project engineering studies.

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