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Job Title: UMB and OLT Interface Engineer

Employer: Ardent Energy Services Limited (AESL)

Desired Expertise: Project Engineer, Project Management, Subsea, Offshore, Interface, UFR, UMB, OLT, Umbilicals, Offloading Lines, Buoy, Anchors

Experience: 5+ years

Minimum Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree

Salary: Negotiable

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employment Type: Full Time Contractor

Job Status: Active / Open


Within the project’s organization, the “UMB & OLT Interface Engineer” wiII be reporting to the “UFR Interface Leader” for the duration of the project. The “UMB & OLT Interface Engineer”

will monitor the interfaces among UFR, UMB and OLT Buoy (umbilicals, offloading lines, Buoy-anchors, and offshore works) to secure: compliance with the schedule, consistent design basis and data set at the package interfaces, overall UFR packages design consistency and integrity at interface with UMB and OLT.

In such a context, the “UMB & OLT Interface Engineer” essential scope of work will be defined as follows:

• Monitor the interfaces among UFR package, UMB and OLT package

• Control the effectiveness of the flow of information at the boundaries of the UFR package with UMB and OLT, in terms of content and delivery time.

In order to reach such a target he will have:

• To be familiar with subsea projects development,

• To have a good technical knowledge on the specific subject,

• To be confident with main aspects of interfaces coordination,

• To have strong attitude for team work and cooperation with the other team members,

• To become fuIIy knowledgeable with use of eRoom to manage Interfaces.

During the execution phase, keeping above tasks and responsibilities, he will have in addition to :

• Close control the key interfaces among the UFR packages and ensure adequate attention is paid in preventing any negative (cost, CFT and project schedule) impact on such packages.

• Contribute to the promotion of a ‘no change’ policy at interfaces in order to preserve Project Schedule.

• In case of unavoidable changes give support in ensuring that complete resolution of such changes is managed across all the UFR packages and follow-up necessary updates.

• Promote and stimulate effective communication among the parties involved, especially among the team leaders and engineers of UFR sub packages.

• Contribute to promote technical cooperation in the UFR packages team and with bidders in order to minimize technical and economical risks due to interfaces.


• Participate on regular basis to the interface meetings, as necessary, with the different contractors in order to follow-up interfaces qualification / clarification, giving support in negotiating the best resolution of UFR packages interface discrepancy.

• Support the UFR Interface Leader in keeping abreast of other projects feedback, experience, know-how, implementing best practices where applicable and relevant to the project phase.

• Support the introduction of new tools (as necessary) to assure technical interfaces integrity and traceability of agreements/changes.

• Maintain any required register and / or the adequate use of interface managing tools such as eRoom.

• Monitor the assigned interfaces in order to guarantee that they are executed and completedin accordance with project objectives, follow-up that such interfaces are formally closed and approved by all parties before the design is frozen.

• Monitor, update and record revision and status of interfaces, giving contribution to interface status reports (including progress status, identification of any areas of concern and main highlights).

• Contribute in ensuring the overall technical integrity of the assigned interfaces.

• Monitor the data flow across the mentioned project package/contractor interfaces to ensure coherence with design basis and data set, overall design consistency and integrity, compliance with the project schedule.


•To ensure that all safety and environmental required studies will be reviewed/updated and that final design will comply with ALARP policy.

• To ensure that design will comply with all HSE requirements and that Safety and Environmentdossiers will be provided to National Authorities in due time.

• To demonstrate leadership for implementation of Company requirements on technological risks management.

• To ensure that all recommendations from safety studies and technical reviews are fully addressed in design phase.

• To ensure necessary resources are available for preparation of information needed to issue safety and environmental dossiers.


Major operated asset, with two major developments. The launching of Project’s basic engineering studies in Nigeria with Nigerian Engineering Companies and the Call for Tender of the Project requires a permanent mobilization of the Project Team based in Lagos to meet the objectives.

Trend towards local content issues and the domestication of the studies has hardened the Authorities’ stance towards the foreign oil companies

The involvement of Nigerian Contractors in the Project will have to be optimized and controlled.

• Monitor the interfaces among the main UFR package and UMB and OLT Buoy package.

• Control the effectiveness of the flow of information at the internal boundaries of the UFR main package.


• Graduate degree in a relevant engineering discipline that relates to industry at large and preferably to Petroleum

• Industry activities (minimum B.Sc.) MANDATORY (copy of diploma to be provided)

• At least 5 years of experience in the industry, preferably with practice of Oil & Gas industry for offshore and subsea works.

• Fluent in English both verbally and in writing.

• Previous team work experience.

• Basic knowledge of Project Management (preferable).

• Basic knowledge of international design codes / standards and COMPANY general specifications (preferable).

• Practice of offshore works (preferable)

Applicant Requirements:

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

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