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Job Title: HTML Programmer / Developer

Locations: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Biz Summit


•   Reports to the Managing Director/Interactive Services

•   The HTML Programmer / Developer converts project specifications and statements to detailed logical charts for coding into computer language.


•   Has the ability to code HTML nature.

•   Develops and writes computer programs to store

•   Locate and retrieve specific documents, data and information.

•   Encodes audio and video into real format. Has a working knowledge of macromedia flash.

•   Understands how data is displayed from a database (i.e. editing, deleting, adding information, etc.).

•   Manipulates text and graphics to produce consistent presentation across all browser platforms.

•   Works with all platforms, including PC, MAC and UNIX.

•   Controls industrial processes. Understands graphic design and digital layout basics.

•   Understands the possibilities and restrictions within HTML layout.

Deadline: 1st June, 2013.

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