Author Topic: Amaechi Suspension another Error in PDP  (Read 467 times)


Amaechi Suspension another Error in PDP
« on: May 28, 2013, 02:01 PM »
What can you say about it?

Amaechi Suspension may turn to be one of the greatest error the Party has committed in recent past.

For those who had been following the events in the party, Me think the Ogun PDP case study should have been a great lesson that you can only know the beginning of a political warfare the end can be much longer than expected.

I now have great believe in the wise saying that the evil that men do ... Its so sad that the largest political party in African is daily loosing its dynamism and political strength at the altar of greed and selfish cravings of its leaders. Just my thinking cap.

- Dapo Oke via Facebook