Author Topic: Opthalmic Technician Job at Me Cure Healthcare Nigeria  (Read 293 times)


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Job Title: Opthalmic Technician

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Me Cure Healthcare Limited (MHL)

Job Description:

•   Responsible for daily patient care and flow of clinic activities.

•   Promptly and professionally assists the doctor in patient care

•   Maintains and cleans all equipment being used. Report to Equipment

•   Coordinator if not in working condition

•   Minimum Background Requirements

•   Previous experience or training in this or similar position.


•   Position requires good understanding of ophthalmic practice and patient care.

•   Knowledge of medical instrumentation and its proper care and usage needed.

•   Ability to assess common safety hazards and take precautions to establish a safe work environment required.

•   Ability to communicate with patients, co-workers and manager is critical.

•   Must be willing to help in all areas and understand the need for efficient use of time.

Closing Date: 7th June 2013.

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