Author Topic: iPhone 4, iPad 2 3G for AT&T infringe on Samsung patents  (Read 197 times)


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Samsung just won a patent victory against Apple, but it's an empty one. The South Korean company has successfully argued that some Apple products violate Samsung's 7,706,348 patent. The devices in question? The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3 (presumably they mean the 3G), the iPad 3G (first gen) and iPad 2 3G, all for AT&T.

The patent is essential to 3G network connectivity and Apple's older devices were found to infringe on it (but Wi-Fi only devices are safe). Also, newer Apple devices use Qualcomm chipsets which do not infringe on the patent in question, neither does Verizon's iPhone 4, which also uses a Qualcomm chipset.

Due to how the US patent system works, Apple can continue to import the infringing devices during a period of Presidential review (the President has a 60-day window during which he can veto the ITC's decision), provided Apple files a bond. In this case, the bond is for the amount of "zero percent of the entered value," so it's a formality.

Also, it's not like AT&T and Apple are selling tons of these devices

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